Okay, so with people making blogs about PVP, I've decided to make one of my own.

Day... Well, let's just say "1".

The Team (MB=Mockingbird), (HT=Human Torch)

Level 2 MB, Level 5 HT, Level 59 Agent Generalist (It's Kevlar-Don't judge please!)

The Gear (PL=Power Level), (SS=Sinister Seceptre(MFG= Magnetic Field Generator), (NN=Nano-Nurse)

PL 61 SS, PL 42 MFG, and PL 17 NN

Okay, I've already started, so I'm at...? Top 87.7'%'... ouch.

Rating: 638

Wins: 16

Losses: 28

FIGHT: L11 Iron Man, L10 Iron Fist, L60 Scrapper Agent (Infernal Blade, The Experiment, EMP Blaster, Signpost).


Top 84.2%, 17 Wins, 28 Losses, Rating 656, 26 Attacks.

FIGHT: L9 Iron Man, L1 Daredevil, L60 Scrapper Agent ( Phoenix Pinion, S.A. "Pincer", Super Blade Punch, Spider-Sense Injector).


Top 81.1%, 18 Wins, 28 Losses, Rating 670, 277 Attacks.

Well, I'm very sleepy from Black Friday Shoppinng Sleep Withdrawl, so it is time to? hit the hay. This concludes Day 1.

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