Ideal Remodels - Loki

Well, Loki Laufeyson is, according to the Hero Reviews, currently one of the most confusing and impractical Lockbox Heroes to use. So, I have decided to show how I would change him, even though I don't currently have him recruited:

Loki Laufeyson.


Effect Icon 174 Blue
  • 10% per stack of Mischievous* to create illusions, avoiding attacks and then countering them.
  • Gains 1 stack of Mischievous after an attack.
  • Effect Icon 001 Green
    (Mischievous stacks up to 10): Loki's mischievous tendencies to create illusions are increasing.


Loki-Throwing Dagger

Lvl 1 Action.

Throwing Dagger

One Enemy, No Cooldown

1 Hit, Slashing Ranged

Guaranteed HitTrue StrikeDisadvantageInternal BleedingRemove Buff.

Loki-Fog of Chaos

Lvl 1 Action.

Sceptre of Chaos


  • Sceptre of Control

One Enemy, 2 Round Cooldown, 1 Hit, Melee Magic

Mind Control, Disoriented.

  • Sceptre Stab (this is also his Lie-Smith counter)

One Enemy, No Cooldown, 1 Hit, Slashing Melee

TenderizedBleedingRavagedFatal Blow

  • Sceptre Blast

One Enemy, No Cooldown, 1 Hit, Magic Energy Ranged

IncapacitationShort CircuitLock-OnFlanked.

Loki-Trickster Seal

Lvl 6 Action

Trickster Fog

All Enemies, 2 Round Cooldown (starts cooled down)

Ranged Magic Debuff

SubtleCursed MirrorTrickster (Replaces Regeneration/Recuperation with Degeneration/Decuperation, which do the opposite of their respective Buffs. It also replaces Resist effects with the Debuff it resists, such as Resist Burning --> Burning.)

Loki-Hall of Mirrors

Lvl 9 Action.

Hall of Mirrors

All Enemies, 3 Round Cooldown

Ranged Magic

Mirror Images, Mischievous x3, DistractionFumbling.

Ideas for Alternate Uniforms:
  • Female Loki
  • Kid Loki

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