Ideal Remodels- Iron Fist

Note: This is just displaying ideal buffs, passive attack buffs, debuffs, etc. This is not changing the Attack type in any way. For example, Iron Fist's Lvl 6 ability, Healing Chi, is still a Healing ability.

Passive(s)- (Iron Fist starts the battle with 1 Chi and 1 Heart of Shou-Lao)

Heart of Shou-Lao (Like Enraged, it can only be removed by Neutralized)


Heroes for Hire*

Gathering Chi*

  • Gains Chi* every round, when attacked, and when attacked by Energy attacks (Note: if Iron Fist is attacked by an Energy attack, he shall generate 2 Chi)   
  • Chi- Increases all stats (by 3%)

Lvl 1- Combo Setup, Rising Up, Chi

Lvl 2- Exploits CombosDeadly Crits, Finest Hour!, Chi: True Strike*, Full Chi: Brutal*

Heroic Age Iron Fist Portrait Art
* Full Chi: Brutal- Consumes two Chi to gain True Strike, and gain Brutal before attacking.

Lvl 6- Chi: Energize*, Full Chi: Remove Debuffs*

Lvl 9- Focus*, Quick Action, Rising Up, Heart of Shou-Lao, Chi Unleashed*

  • Focus- One Chi is required and consumed to unlock Heart of Shou-Lao

Modern Iron Fist Alt:

New Passive(s)- (Iron Fist starts the battle with 4 Chi and 2 Heart of Shou-Lao)

(Heroes for Hire is removed)

Chi (x4)

Heart of Shou-Lao (x2)

Immortal Iron Fist*

  • Immortal Iron Fist- (25%) Chance to protect allies from single-target attacks, and take reduced damage while protecting. When Health is low (<30%), Iron Fist instead counters the attacker.

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