Ideal Remodels- Dr. Strange

Note: This is just displaying ideal Buffs, Passive Attack Buffs, Debuffs, etc. This is not changing Dr. Strange's attack type in any way. For example, Dr. Strange's Lvl 1 attack, Bolts of Balthakk, is still Magic Energy Ranged.
Dr. Strange-Classic-iOS

Passive(s)- (Same)

(Teresing Boost and Shield of the Seraphim)

Astral Projection*

  • When Health is low (<30%), Dr. Strange uses his mystical powers to become an Astral Projection, becoming Phased.

Lvl 1- Mystic Energy, Deadly Crits, Exploit Attrition.

Lvl 2- Teresing Boost, Remove Debuff*

  • Removes a single harmful status effect from the target.

Lvl 6- Catastrophic, Dark Void, Weak Point.

Lvl 9- Shield of the Seraphim, Blessing

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