Ideal Remodels- Deadpool

Note: This is just displaying ideal buffs, passive attack buffs, debuffs, etc. This is not changing the Attack type in any way. For example, Deadpool's Lvl 2 Attack is still Ranged. 


Laptop* (all chances for Laptop passives to trigger are increased to 25%).

* (* Level 16 Ranger (Allies only. Each turn, 16% chance each to gain Focused Attacks, Enraged x2, Close Quarters Combat, Combat Reflexes, Tactical Maneuvers, or Ubiquitous Power. 3% chance to gain half of these. 1% Chance to gain all of these).

  • Buffed (Allies only. Increases stats by 25%).
  • Chimichangas! (Deadpool only. Deadpool orders a Chimichanga online. Deals damage to Enemies as the Chimichanga delivery van arrives to Deadpool. Animation is similar to Punisher's Battle Van, but reversed. Deadpool gains Health, Stamina and Well Fed once the Delivery Van delivers Deadpool's Chimichanga).
  • Banned from PVP (Enemies only. Lasts 1 round. Can only use Subtle or defensive actions. Can only be hit by Subtle or defensive actions. Can't protect or counter attacks).
  • Nerfed (Enemies only).)

Healing Factor Thingie*

  • Gains regen each time Deadpool is hit
  • Gradually restores Health during combat
  • Attack that would reduce Health to 0 have a chance to reduce Health to 1% instead(When Deadpool heals at the beginning of his turn(s), the place where Attack names are displayed says "Green Numbers!").


  • (10%) Chance to follow with Bang Bang Bang! when an ally attacks or is attacked.

Disease Immunity*

Telepathic Immunity*

  •  Psychic attacks can't touch me.

Possession Immunity*

Deadpool Portrait Art

The Merc' with a Mouth!

Lvl 1- (Now listed as Slashing Melee) Ignore Defense, Deadly Crits, Rising Up, Sharper Blades*, OP (OP now lasts for 3 Rounds, and increases Attack and Defence by 9%.).

Lvl 2- High Crits, Boon Buster, Pressure Points, Support Breaker*, Imba (Imba now lasts for 2 Rounds, and increases Accuracy and Evasion).

Lvl 6- A Clean Slate, Lots of Red Boxes, Generalizer*, Totally Broken (Totally Broken still lasts for 1 Round, and increases Health, Stamina, and increases the healing of Healing Factor Thingie).

  • Generalizer- Inflicts Generalized, but only if Deadpool is OP.

Lvl 9- Finest Hour!Heroic Feats, Rebuff Buffs, Face Melter, Exploitation (Exploitation now also grants Exploit Attrition and Exploit Opportunity)

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