Well, I decided to move my thread to my Blog Page. So, here it is:

Ideal Remodel- Cyclops

Here is what how I think default Cyclops should be buffed:

[1]Added by Mckrongs



Mental Resilience

Lvl 1- Attack Passives- Spatial Awareness*, Opportunist (Debuff)

  • (50%) Chance to reflect its way to the target, avoiding Protect effects.

Lvl 2- Applies Weak Point & Combo Setup.

Lvl 6- Quick Action, grants Cyclops Combat Expertise, grants allies Combat Awareness, grants Cyclops & Allies Agile.

Lvl 9- CatastrophicExploit Opportunity    

Then, I think that Cyclop's Classic Suit has another passive: Leadership*

  • Grants Inspiring Leadership to all allies.
  • (25%) Chance each round for Cyclops to gain Combat Awareness
  • (50%) Chance to protect allies from single-target attacks when Cyclop's Health is above 30%. When health is below 30%, Cyclops has a (50%) chance to preemptively counter single-target attacks.

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