Bob, Agent of HYDRA:

Hydra Soldier

Bob, Agent of HYDRA

Available from HYDRA Lockboxes (Adhesive X LauncherAdhesive X Canister, and HYDRA-related PvP items are among the list of possible items).




Call for Backup*

  • Chance when an ally attacks or is attacked to summon a HYDRA Power Armor.

(Uses Plasma Overload, a 1 Hi,t Energy Ranged, AOE Attack, with a 10% chance to cause Stun)


Lvl 1 - Hand Grenade

Gun Ranged

One Enemy, 1 Hit

BurningShrapnelDeadly Crits.

Lvl 2 - Assemble Parts

Buff, 1 Round Cooldown


Quick Action, Assemble Pieces*.

  • Pieces of armor are being assembled.
  • Armor is assembled once 3 stacks are achieved.

Lvl 6 - Heavy Ion Beam

Gun Ranged Energy Tech, 1 Cooldown

One Enemy, 4 Hits

Quick ActionRadiation ExposureExploit Radiation.

Lvl 9 - Normalizer

Gun Ranged Energy Tech

One Enemy, 25 Hits

GeneralizedExploit AttritionHigh Crits.


Power Armor

Armored Bob

Note: Recharge is replaced with Convert*

  • Bob removes his armor, and becomes a regular Agent of Hydra!
  • Automatically loses armor if Stamina reaches 0%.


Mechanical BodyCharge Up


Lvl 1 - Hurl


One Enemy, 1 Hit

Weak Point, Pain, 60% chance to cause Stun

Lvl 2 - Protect




  • Protects allies from Single and Area attacks.
  • Takes reduced damage.
  • Chance to inflict Targeted on attacking enemies.

Lvl 6 - Plasma Overload

Energy Ranged, 2 Round Cooldown

All Enemies, 1 Hit

Pressure PointsDisadvantageWeak Point

Lvl 9 - Particle Pulverizer

Energy Ranged, 1 Round Cooldown

One Enemy, 25 Hits

CatastrophicParagon ExploiterDeadly Crits

Possible Alternate Uniform: Bill, Agent of A.I.M. (Based off of Bill, Agent of A.I.M.)


Bill, Agent of A.I.M.

Basically Bob with Green -> Yellow, and Yellow -> Black.

Starts the fight with his A.I.M. mask on, but it gets removed after taking damage, or buffs are removed.

Turns into an Exoskeletal Battletank instead of a Power Armor.
Exoskeletal Battletank

Armored Bill



A.I.M. Helmet (is removed once the A.I.M. Mask is removed)*

  • Takes reduced damage from Melee attacks.

Call for Backup*

  • Chance when an ally attacks or is attacked to summon an Exoskeletal Battletank.

(Uses Large HADRON Collider, a 1 Hit, Energy Ranged, AOE Attack, with a 10% chance to cause Iso-8 Corruption)

Feel free to post ideas below!

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