*Note: When I say "FF", I mean "Future Foundation"* 

I have thought awhile, and I have come to a decision: I am going to change my PVP Stragety and Team! There is just one problem. I already have FF Blaster Human Torch, and I want an Ivory Tower/Hammer Time Stragety (which is high Defense and high Evasion, respectively). I would have just purchased Dr. Strange's Defender Tactician Uniform to replace Mockingbird on my team, since I already have Dr. Strange, but if I put Defender Strange with FF Human, that would be a waste of FF Human Torch's FF Passive, Share the Future. So, I decided to narrow the replacement options for Mockingbird from 4 Heroes (FF Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Invisible Woman and Spider-Man) to 2 Heroes:

FF Invisible Woman

FF Spider-Man

So, I set up the Pros and Cons to help:


FF Spider-Man:

  1. Great Resposibility and Great Power
  1. Webbed reduces Accuracy and Evasion
  1. High Evasion
  1. Spider-Sense
  1. High Stamina
  1. Counters Web Shot
  2. Grants Tingling Sensation to all Allies when hit (Increases Evasion, each time Spider-Man is hit)
  3. Grants Share the Future to all Allies on Round 4
  4. Unlocks a Premium Mission AND 2 Epic Bosses 

FF Invisible Woman

  1. Counters with Force Spheres AND Force Field
  1. Chance to grant Reactive Shields to allies (Shield that doesn't overwrite other Shields, so can stack with Force Field)
  1. Force Spheres and Force Volley are Stealthy AND have Deadly Crits
  1. Force Cage is useful for someone that has a "charge up" effect (i.e. Magik, Gambit), or someone that is ready to go in for Overkill (i.e. Human Torch, Iron Fist)
  1. Total CP cost for IW and Inf. Alt. is 45 CP
  2. Grants Share the Future to All Allies on Round 4
  3. High Accuracy
  4. High Evasion
    Spider-Man-Future Foundation

    FF Spider-Man!

Invisible Woman-Future Foundation

FF Invisible Woman!



FF Invisible Woman:

  1. There is only a chance to grant Reactive Shields to Allies
  1. The amount of damage that Reactive Shields can take is 10% of IW's Base Health, which is her Health, excluding ISO-8 upgrades, so I'm going to need to get more Tacticians and Generalists (Well, I am going to buy the Punisher soon). 
  2. Both of her 2 attacks are ranged, so an Enemy Human Torch has a 25% chance to dodge, added with PVP Bonus, etc.
  3. Low Defense, so if she gets her shields removed, she is very vulnerable.

FF Spider-Man

  1. High CP cost- 140 CPs
  1. Excluding Great Responsibiliy/Power and Tingling Sensation, Spider-Man's abilities don't help Allies, unlike IW
  1. 2 of the 3 attacks on Enemies are Melee, so not necessarily good against an Enemy Human Torch
  1. Low Attack, so if he's the only Ally left, he's vulnerable.

I could use some help deciding to get FF IW or FF S-M. I'm more on FF IW's side, but I could use your help in deciding. 

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