Okay, okay, okay. Recently, Emma Frost was re-released for 200 CPs. But the thing is, Mockingbird was re-released a month ago, also for 200 CPs, and she was ALSO a Special Operation Hero, and so it got me thinking, will Magik  be re-released too? When? Also, please notice that I say if very much, because who knows if Playdom is ever going to re-release any of the other Spec Op heroes.

Okay, so I'm thinking, what holiday? Emma has New Year's too, and I don't think St. Patrick's Day will count, and Valentine's Day is a bit far from now, so, maybe, the re-release dates have something to do with months after Spec Op of character, which just tie in with famous holidays, so... might as well give figuring this out a shot.

Okay, so I gathered this data from the Spec Op mission dates and Hero re-release dates:

Special Operations 1: Don't Say A Word...

Mockingbird was re-released about 5 months from the date of the End of SO1. Date tied in with Black Friday.

Special Operations 2: Long Live the Queen

Emma Frost was re-released about 5 months from the Beginning of SO2. Date tied in with Christmas.




If Magik is to be re-released, then it has a possibility to be either:

a) Febuary

b) March 

Both of the dates are estimated around the 20's. Valentine's is on Feb. 14. St. Patrick's Day is on March 17, and Easter is on the 31st. Hmm... Let's presume that she will be re-released on St. Patrick's Day or Easter. Onward!

Well, if Magik is re-released on Valentine's, then we must now calculate for Special Operations 4: All Hallows , so, therefore, the re-release Ghost Rider , if any (lucky for me, I have him already). Possibilities are, for Ghost Rider's re-release:

a) March

b) April

Both dates are in the late 20's (25-29). In March, we have St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Well, if it is being re-released in April, there is Earth Day and Arbor Day, but I think that Earth Day is more known than Arbor Day, but I think that St. Patricks's and Easter are more famous than Earth Day.

Let's not worry about Valkyrie right know.

1st Conclusion: Magik may be re-released around Valentine's Day, and Ghost Rider may be re-released around St. Patrick's Day, or Easter.


2nd Conclusion: Magik may be re-released around St. Patrick's Day or Easter, and Ghost Rider around Earth or Arbor Day (probably around Earth Day). 

Ghost Rider-Classic

Ghost Rider.

Again, these are just predictions. Don't go around marking your calenders for these dates, and then ranting when they don't come true. This is all based on a pattern, with only 2 things in it, so it's not exactly the most reliable of sources. This says "Early" in the title.Only geet hyped if Playdom announces something. This is just a prediction, so that people don't panic once a Spec Op Hero is re-released, if it is correct. One should farm CP's, not just for this, but also for, if the predictions do not come true, Spec Ops 6 (Vision?) and other Spec Ops. Therefore, if one panics once a Spec Op Hero is re-released and it is according to the prediction, one has no excuse to not be prepared. That is, if Playdom ever re-releases them. If.

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