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    Ideal Remodels - Loki

    December 23, 2013 by Bionistar1

    Well, Loki Laufeyson is, according to the Hero Reviews, currently one of the most confusing and impractical Lockbox Heroes to use. So, I have decided to show how I would change him, even though I don't currently have him recruited:


    • 10% per stack of Mischievous* to create illusions, avoiding attacks and then countering them.
    • Gains 1 stack of Mischievous after an attack.
    • (Mischievous stacks up to 10): Loki's mischievous tendencies to create illusions are increasing.

    Throwing Dagger

    One Enemy, No Cooldown

    1 Hit, Slashing Ranged

    Guaranteed Hit, True Strike, Disadvantage, Internal Bleeding, Remove Buff.

    Sceptre of Chaos


    • Sceptre of Control

    One Enemy, 2 Round Cooldown, 1 Hit, Melee Magic

    Mind Control, Disoriented.

    • Sceptre Stab (this …

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    Idea for Bob, A.O.H. LB

    October 21, 2013 by Bionistar1

    Bob, Agent of HYDRA:

    Available from HYDRA Lockboxes (Adhesive X Launcher, Adhesive X Canister, and HYDRA-related PvP items are among the list of possible items).




    Call for Backup*

    • Chance when an ally attacks or is attacked to summon a HYDRA Power Armor.

    (Uses Plasma Overload, a 1 Hi,t Energy Ranged, AOE Attack, with a 10% chance to cause Stun)


    Lvl 1 - Hand Grenade

    Gun Ranged

    One Enemy, 1 Hit

    Burning, Shrapnel, Deadly Crits.

    Lvl 2 - Assemble Parts

    Buff, 1 Round Cooldown


    Quick Action, Assemble Pieces*.

    • Pieces of armor are being assembled.
    • Armor is assembled once 3 stacks are achieved.

    Lvl 6 - Heavy Ion Beam

    Gun Ranged Energy Tech, 1 Cooldown

    One Enemy, 4 Hits

    Quick Action, Radiation Exposure, Exploit Radiation.

    Lvl 9 …

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    Well, today I found a picture concerning Chapter 1 of Season 2 (right).

    So, here is what I think is the order of Bosses in Mission 1:

    1.1: Does not match any Bosses currently in-game, but is most likely Sugar Man.

    1.2: Unknown. Blizzard?

    1.3: The Boss appears to be Dragoness.

    1.4: The Boss looks akin to Vulture.

    1.5: Does not match any Bosses in-game, but it is most likely Selene.

    1.6: The Hero required for the Premium Mission isGambit (confirmed), and the Boss appears to be Fixer.

    This is all that I could figure out from the picture about Chapter 1, Season 2.

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    Note: This is just displaying ideal Buffs, Passive Attack Buffs, Debuffs, etc. This is not changing Dr. Strange's attack type in any way. For example, Dr. Strange's Lvl 1 attack, Bolts of Balthakk, is still Magic Energy Ranged.

    Passive(s)- (Same)

    (Teresing Boost and Shield of the Seraphim)

    Astral Projection*

    • When Health is low (
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    Note: This is just displaying ideal buffs, passive attack buffs, debuffs, etc. This is not changing the Attack type in any way. For example, Deadpool's Lvl 2 Attack is still Ranged. 


    Laptop* (all chances for Laptop passives to trigger are increased to 25%).

    * (* Level 16 Ranger (Allies only. Each turn, 16% chance each to gain Focused Attacks, Enraged x2, Close Quarters Combat, Combat Reflexes, Tactical Maneuvers, or Ubiquitous Power. 3% chance to gain half of these. 1% Chance to gain all of these).

    • Pretty Cool Guy (Allies only. Gains an extra turn).
    • Buffed (Allies only. Increases stats by 25%).
    • Chimichangas! (Deadpool only. Deadpool orders a Chimichanga online. Deals damage to Enemies as the Chimichanga delivery van arrives to Deadp…
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