• Bilbul

    12.2 CP farming

    June 10, 2014 by Bilbul

    I started to record the amount of cp i collected when farming ones said to be the best cp farming spot in the game, that is 1.12.2. As you only require only 20 energy to access both boss and epic boss roulette, many experienced players advices the beginners to own atleast 30 heroes so that they can access this mission as soon as possible. I am one of the players who 5 starred this mission since early days because i'm kinda impatient and greedy for the 5 starring bonus (5 cp), i regretted it though, it is advised that abort the mission after you finished the epic boss so that you will keep the mission power level low so that it is easier for us to farm there.

    Here's my result 

    1 ~ 50 run

    Zemo times collected % Viper times collected %
    1 cp 19 38…

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