An educated guess requires to understand how the list of worthy was made. If one is to read and believe the interviews released :

- the 8 were decided nearly 2 years ago.

- their designs fit the original designs of the worthy.

- they first made a short list of heros they wanted to make worthy and then attributed the actual worthy the best they could.

It implies that whatever the worthy breaks isnt guaranteed to be related to the power set of the hero. So the breaker of soul doesnt have to be a magician or a psychic, It would be likely to be so only at the pre condition of such hero having been short listed beforehand.

How the shortlist was made is unknown but it's likely to have taken into account the popularity.

Other hints are heros who have not benefited from any needed rework or alt until now, given that their rework is planned to happen during the release of the worthy alt.

About the worthy

Worthy retain bits of their personality and consciousness, and the more evil the person was originally the more he or she retains of its original appearance and personality.

The hammer enables them to fly like Thor's and vastly enhances their original power set.

Mokk breaker of faith : Skin turned to a grey spiky armor, wields a hammer with a long handle, power expanded from turning to stone by the touch of the end to turning to stone by simply looking at the victim.

Agrir breaker of soul :  Skin turned black with molten lava like lines. Wears only a loin cloths and strange sloth-like tentacles of flesh with mouths. His hammer is middle size and shoots massive beams of fire/energy.

Breaker of Wills : Skin turned dark pink with apparent red veins. Weilds a short hammer attached to a chain.

Breaker of Oceans : Resembles his original hero the most. With existing clothing buffed into an armor and wielding a short hammer. He gains control of the ocean to form tidal waves and whirlpools.

Ruled out heros

Ruled out as not in game at the release of chapter 6 : All heros from Hogun and up.

Ruled out as already being a chapter reward : Cyclops, Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch, Daredevil. Ms Marvel.

Ruled out as non evergreen : LB heros and Covert Ops heros.

Ruled out as per below interview : Red Hulk, Valkyrie, Ghost Rider, Storm (

Potentially ruled out are heros released less than 24-22 months ago, period when they decided the 7 but it's equally possible that they based their decision not only on existing heros but also based on sketches of future releases.

Guessing game

Let's pick heroes released before May/June 2013, who havent received any alt or undergo any rework in 2 years and we have a short list of Hercules, Gambit, Black Panther, Tigra, Wasp, Thundra, Pym, Black cat, Kitty, Captain Britain, Mockingbird, Havok, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Richard Reed, Cable, Vision, Rescue, Punisher, Shatterstar and Union Jack.

Strike out for non-compatibility of design/persona : Rescue, union jack, punisher rely on moves that cant be moves of worthies. Vision is an android. 

1. Cheap heros only version

Assuming the chapter reward follow that trend of cheap heroes (8/8)  we take the - 90 cp heros we have 12 names :  Hercules, Gambit, Black Panther, Tigra, Wasp, Thundra, Blackcat, Kitty Captain Britain, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Reed.

Who would make the lamest female worthy ? Tigra, black cat and wasp rely too much on agility, and scratch/sting attacks to make a credible worthy spritewise. Tigra has some potential to be an original worthy but Black Cat is clearly out out.

Kitty has melee, but her phasing power and I dragon are everything to her and I cant really picture the dragon to stick around and a phased worthy. I know they could rework the heros but the point of the worthy is how the original persona blends with the ancient god of havok. If you take Kitty, give her super strength, aggressivity, a weapon, then do away with the phasing and the dragon pet then what's left of Kitty ? 

That leaves us Thundra who is an obvious pick for Breaker of Will and Sue Storm who despite defensive power has animations who could really work on a Nekkrod (combined with that water villain's animations) or Tigra. Sue is certainly a powerful character with that Eiso so one can question why they would make her a major pvp hero if she's going to be a worthy on top of that. 

So Sue or Tigra for the second female ?

a) Assuming Sue is worthy.

Best male worthy ? Hard to say. Strike out Reed and Torch. existing alts and redundant wth Sue storywise.

If we're picking Faith and Soul, I'd go for Hercules for Faith because he is topless like thing and wear this loincloth like Agrir. Close call with Captain Britain who would have a great sprite. The only concern with him is the source of his power is his confidence his acting morally. I can't see that being buffed by the hammer contrary to Hercules who has it in his DNA. Personality-wise, he's a wrestler, he loves to fight drink and so he's more likely to be corrupted than Mr White knight. 

For Soul. I can see Gambit as the best Mokk. He's a shady guy, and his power once buffed could be impressive. Like Mokk turned people to stone, what if he would turn people into bombs ? He also fights with a long stick so that would obviously be the hammer. (Mokk's a hammer has a long handle). 

b) Assuming Tigra is the 2nd female Worthy

No particular affinity design-wise. So she's probably doing like Spiderwoman and end-up with whatever's left. In that case Breaker of Oceans. (See below).

So we have :

Agrir (Faith) : Hercules

Mokk (Soul) : Gambit

Nekkrod (Ocean) : Invisible Woman / Tigra

Greithoth (Will) : Thundra.

2. Including PVP and Spec Op heroes.

I think picking the 2 best females is the right approach to shorten the list.

If i extend to Spec Op heroes. That adds only Mockingbird. While the staff would make a perfect hammer... but she actually uses two sticks. I cant really see her impact the story. Not to mention she's an average Joe with little that would qualify her for Worthy and her super-spy persona who wouldnt survive the transformation.

No change for female so.

For the boys, let's extend to Havok, Cable, Pym, Shatterstar.

High potential but I can't see a worthy shooting guns so out goes Cable.

Havok would be great. His very name spells destruction. His design would be a very good fit for Nerkkod.

Pym would be great. But can he shrink or grow the hammer too ? Absorbing man did it but that would look weird on sprite. The ants would have to go as well.

Shatterstar isnt interesting storywise his best part was with X factor and that s the alt he should get. Besides his double sword style isnt really compatible.

Gambit should stay he's got the highest compatibility. So we end up with :

Agrir (Faith) : Tigra

Mokk (Soul) : Gambit

Nerkkod (Ocean) : Havok

Greithoth (Will) : Thundra.

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