Been a while since that last, many of the old timers have been and gone, so hopefully some new blood will come.

For those unfamiliar, My Gentleman's Wagers were originally a bit of fun to put your money where your mouth is about guessing things in game. Before it has been PVP Characters, but since they started announcing them, that became a bit unfair. Now though, we have something that should take about 12 months to decide. Who are the Worthy?

The prize, as usual, deciding the Avatar/Display Picture of Everyone involved.


  • Winner chooses Avatars for 30 days days of the losers. Alternately, if someone doesn't wish to give people the rights to their Avatar Choice, can add was beaten in The Are You Worthy Gentlemen's Wager by the Great and Honorable [Victor] to their signature, posting their sig in any comment etc, maintaining it for 14 days as this is a more notable feature for most contributors.
  • Avatar choice must be appropriate for all viewers. Meaning nothing 18+ or from My Little Pony.
  • As the bet requires an Avatar, please place one before posting. Or, after, before the next chapter at least.
  • Those with no follow through are cowards, naturally.
  • Nothing Announced. This includes leaked info, both through code diving or any kind of clock winding, unintentional release, etc. Just guess something you think could be in the game instead of hoping that something they've announced will be.
  • No Batman: Jokers will be held to their wager. No chickens.
  • After every reveal, people May change their bet. To accommodate for losing the possibility of one or more of their bets proving true. You will be penalized a point for doing so however so make it count.

For this round, it will be 6 Worthy, seeing as Sin and She-Hulk have already shown themselves.

  • Breaker of Men: She-Hulk (Pre-announced)
  • Breaker of Stone: ???
  • Breaker of Worlds: Luke Cage (announced with SDCC 27/07/14)
  • Breaker of Oceans: ???
  • Breaker of Wills: ???
  • Breaker of Souls: ???
  • Breaker of Faith: ???

A Point for a correct Choice, Double if they're the member you guess. Top Points win the right to Avatars or proclamation of their victory.


From Woods, we know a few things before this was made:

  • Each of the Worthy are a pre-existing character in game. So, Namor is a no-go.
  • None will be the same as the comics, so as much as we hate it, Hulk, Juggs and Thing will not be Breakers.
  • They are Characters we will play as and get the Alts for, so you can pretty safely rule out the likes of Red Skull, and characters that aren't even playable yet probably have little chance of getting an alt before underloved characters already existing.

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