• Ben882

    Worthy Speculations

    March 4, 2015 by Ben882

    An educated guess requires to understand how the list of worthy was made. If one is to read and believe the interviews released :

    - the 8 were decided nearly 2 years ago.

    - their designs fit the original designs of the worthy.

    - they first made a short list of heros they wanted to make worthy and then attributed the actual worthy the best they could.

    It implies that whatever the worthy breaks isnt guaranteed to be related to the power set of the hero. So the breaker of soul doesnt have to be a magician or a psychic, It would be likely to be so only at the pre condition of such hero having been short listed beforehand.

    How the shortlist was made is unknown but it's likely to have taken into account the popularity.

    Other hints are heros who have n…

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  • Ben882

    Been a while since that last, many of the old timers have been and gone, so hopefully some new blood will come.

    For those unfamiliar, My Gentleman's Wagers were originally a bit of fun to put your money where your mouth is about guessing things in game. Before it has been PVP Characters, but since they started announcing them, that became a bit unfair. Now though, we have something that should take about 12 months to decide. Who are the Worthy?

    The prize, as usual, deciding the Avatar/Display Picture of Everyone involved.

    • Winner chooses Avatars for 30 days days of the losers. Alternately, if someone doesn't wish to give people the rights to their Avatar Choice, can add was beaten in The Are You Worthy Gentlemen's Wager by the Great and Honorabl…

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