Whatever the new traning system is, let's speculate a bit.

Since it's a very anticipated feature by all players, and it's going to change everything about power growth, it's best to anticipate that it will cost gold, at least in some way.

We all have a reason to nag at the current system but let's consider what Playdom could think is the problem for them.


1 - The current speed up system has long lived. Every time a hero is added to the roster the relative advantage gained by a single speed-up diminishes and is therefore less appealing to a player.

2 - Consequence of 1 : a player can't get ahead of others by spending gold. They're strapped to their power level. The feeling is similar to a traffic jam.

3 - The total training time is discouraging for new players but new levels must be still added and the training time extended to keep old players entertained.

Fustration without remedy. No hope of getting ahead. 2 is a cancer for any online game.


A - Dividing the training time with unlockable parallel training rooms.

The problem is if such a proposition is popular it only tackle problem 3 and leave 1 and 2 as standing issue since when all can train 2 heroes at a time no one can get ahead with gold.

Very unfriendly to draw a clear and thick line between silver losers and gold winners.

A one time boon that hurts long term revenues. Not a good idea in my opinion.

B - Parallel training rooms with entry fee.

An improvement from A. One can get ahead with gold. Can be made progressive with different pricing.

Still doesnt tackle issue 1 and has a decreasing appeal as the number of hero grows.


Sandbagging : the players should be rewarding by leveliing up and see their training conditions improved.

Team display : current team window is displaying 11 pages of 8 heroes, overall uglyness and tedious browsing.


2 or 3 additional training rooms unlocked at lvl 50 , 100 and 200 by a 4 day-long research.

Displayed as parallel horizontal progress bars on top of the team window. Can be expanded or hidden with a click.

Queing is made avalaible for one extra hero in each room (unlocked by research).

Adding an hero the those rooms cost a fee.

Lvl 1 - 9 : silver.

To Lvl 10 : 3 gold

To Lvl 11 : 5 gold

To Lvl 12 : 10 gold

To Lvl 13 : 20 gold

To lvl 14 : 40 gold

- This adress the issue of new players by ramping them up for PVP.

- Enables one to get a step ahead with gold while keeping a hierarchy between gold spenders.

- Enables new hero to be made playable more quickly.

- Players with all heroes at 13-14 may feel left out but they're not suffering from the current system and wont suffer from the new one either.


The team display could be further improved with a design similar to inventory.

Smaller icons on the left half with the lvl displayed and a different filter for heroes to be trained . Topped with tab browsing (alphabetical, class, lvl, recruit). An OVERVIEW button switch to a PVP like display of all heroes with basic stats.

Full hero view on the right as it exists now. A DETAIL button lets you switch to a full panel view of your hero including his portrait and recruitment quote.

On top training rooms as progress bar with the icon of the hero training.


A side quest led by an intriguing Taskmaster offering his training skills for a price. Total reward is 5 cp 3 gold and a lame skull-styled sword with an avoidance effect. And of course the blueprint for the training room.

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