I find the tricks your brain plays on you fascinating.

You will find people telling you how to spend gold, on what is worth and what is waste.


- Empowered ISO are a must.

- PVP armory bonus are alright.

- SO heroes on sale arent a good deal

- Skipping research or training with gold is a total waste.

They're right. You don't need to think hard to realize this hierarchy.

The main and apparent reason is that there must be the crazy stuff for the guys with deep pockets and the basic stuff for the free-player. Right ?

RIght. This is a basic segmentation. But there's no competing product. No price war. The item is virtual gold. They don't care how you spend it so why such a segmentation ? 

The thing is there's something else at work here. A common and basic sales trick is to always offer several options and to always include bad ones. Tipically one offer that match your clients need, one that doesn't match that well and a third one too expensive. This triggers your brain to analyse, compare and formulate a rationale as to why option 1 is the smart deal and often leads you to ignore the 4th option which is not chosing and leaving.  And with this set-up the more you will be pushed to chose option 3 the more likely you are to decide on option 1 rather than opt out of the whole deal.

That's also why PD makes sure to reward you with a min. amount of gold regularly. Just enough to make you ponder on what to buy. If you repeat those calculations regularly, the value of gold is organized more logically and this better accepted by your brain. 

It's a not a deal sealing trick no. Nobody feels compelled to buy gold after realizing that spending 50 gold to skip a 24h training is less advantageous than buying a Speedy Empowered ISO.

But it's a necessary mental set-up to make you cross the line with your first purchase of gold when actual deal comes along : the monthly gold sale.

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