So the setting is :

Agent with any armor. Something durable.

- Cube

- Tankard

- Neurotrope

- A big gun/weapon 

Captain marvel Tactician with Fixating E-ISO + Heimdall with Vengeful and relentless.

The idea is to have something that turns out well even with a bad turn order, given the propensity of agent to start the fight with Blackest void. The strength of this plan is to work in any turn order, by enabling each member to set-up himself for a deadly attack with a quick action. It works against QS or beast teams.

Round one.

Have Marvel use L1 to greant rally. Hit your teammate if desoriented, it doesnt matter.

Agent should use Blackest void.

Heimdall should use L2 and L3 if desoriented or not granted rally. 

Round two.

When agent turns comes and you have rally.

Use Neurotrope and Quick Action tankard. Marvel will gain a turn, have her blast L9-L1 with a nice critical hit somewhere.

Your agent should have rally again. Use Quick action light fantastic and your weapon to finish the guy who got blasted previously if needed.

When Heimdall turns comes use L1 if still he still has the Finest hour buff or quick action L9-L1 if he hasn't. You should have one less ennemy.

When Marvel turns come use L1 again.

Round three.

Finish whatever is left. Agent has quick action Improbability field and Heimdall is buffed for another kill.

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