First tounament as L300. The previous one left me a burn mark as I went through the gauntlet (Season 11-12-13 Vibra, Season 14 : Gold).

Nice prizes. My objective is to get back to Vibra. The challenge is to identify and train the right new elite members in time so I will participate actively as early as possible to try to understand the new meta.

Day 5.  Fist day of activity. Trying to go up the ranks and see where I stand.

Offence : 45 - 27 - 63%

Defense : 4 - 13  - 25%

Ranking 1060 Diamond

1. Tried various combo but attacking team is too weak without Mystik and Havok. QS and Jugg don't work well as their momentum is stopped by blackest void. Blackest void isactually the biggest obstacle to quick kills. Switching to previous attacking formation with Captain Marvel and Heimdall.

2. Very diversified meta. Read PKB's blog entry and well the solution to blackest void may be a team with Quicksilver and a mini-agent. So the impact of distracted and buff removal on round 1 is brought to a minimum. Candidates for mini agent position : IF (L13), Nico (L10), Doom (10).


Day 11

Offence : 150 - 63 - 70%

Defense : 6 - 56  - 10%

Ranking 1270. Vibra

Running QS and Nico. Replaced QS by Scrapper Marvel to counter Magneto/Havok and have more control on the flow vs W3.

Levelling Deadpool and Nico to 12.

Deadpool and Cyclops in defense.

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