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    PVP 15 attack strategy

    April 17, 2014 by Ben82

    So the setting is :

    Agent with any armor. Something durable.

    - Cube

    - Tankard

    - Neurotrope

    - A big gun/weapon 

    Captain marvel Tactician with Fixating E-ISO + Heimdall with Vengeful and relentless.

    The idea is to have something that turns out well even with a bad turn order, given the propensity of agent to start the fight with Blackest void. The strength of this plan is to work in any turn order, by enabling each member to set-up himself for a deadly attack with a quick action. It works against QS or beast teams.

    Round one.

    Have Marvel use L1 to greant rally. Hit your teammate if desoriented, it doesnt matter.

    Agent should use Blackest void.

    Heimdall should use L2 and L3 if desoriented or not granted rally. 

    Round two.

    When agent turns comes and you ha…

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  • Ben82

    PVP 15

    April 17, 2014 by Ben82

    First tounament as L300. The previous one left me a burn mark as I went through the gauntlet (Season 11-12-13 Vibra, Season 14 : Gold).

    Nice prizes. My objective is to get back to Vibra. The challenge is to identify and train the right new elite members in time so I will participate actively as early as possible to try to understand the new meta.

    Day 5.  Fist day of activity. Trying to go up the ranks and see where I stand.

    Offence : 45 - 27 - 63%

    Defense : 4 - 13  - 25%

    Ranking 1060 Diamond

    1. Tried various combo but attacking team is too weak without Mystik and Havok. QS and Jugg don't work well as their momentum is stopped by blackest void. Blackest void isactually the biggest obstacle to quick kills. Switching to previous attacking formation …

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  • Ben82

    Whatever the new traning system is, let's speculate a bit.

    Since it's a very anticipated feature by all players, and it's going to change everything about power growth, it's best to anticipate that it will cost gold, at least in some way.

    We all have a reason to nag at the current system but let's consider what Playdom could think is the problem for them.


    1 - The current speed up system has long lived. Every time a hero is added to the roster the relative advantage gained by a single speed-up diminishes and is therefore less appealing to a player.

    2 - Consequence of 1 : a player can't get ahead of others by spending gold. They're strapped to their power level. The feeling is similar to a traffic jam.

    3 -…

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  • Ben82

    I find the tricks your brain plays on you fascinating.

    You will find people telling you how to spend gold, on what is worth and what is waste.


    - Empowered ISO are a must.

    - PVP armory bonus are alright.

    - SO heroes on sale arent a good deal

    - Skipping research or training with gold is a total waste.

    They're right. You don't need to think hard to realize this hierarchy.

    The main and apparent reason is that there must be the crazy stuff for the guys with deep pockets and the basic stuff for the free-player. Right ?

    RIght. This is a basic segmentation. But there's no competing product. No price war. The item is virtual gold. They don't care how you spend it so why such a segmentation ? 

    The thing is there's something else at work here. A common an…

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  • Ben82

      I think MAA and video games in general are fueld by two main motivations in the player : completion and victory.

      Back in the days those were achieved simultaneously. We finished a game by winning the final stage. Period.

      But with online gaming,  achievements, unlockables, collectibles and PvP have clearly separated the two motivations who have become dynamic (compete to unlock, unlock to compete and so on.) . We now have highly addictive games who can be played over a long period of time, as long as this dynamic is alive. You can easily see this at work with Special Ops (unlock to compete) and PvP (Compete to unlock), 

      This dynamic is not easy to keep alive over time as it must integrate the newbies who can feel overwhelwed by the tot…

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