And DONE!!!

So with 2 1/2 hrs to go, I wasa able to climbe form 1404 to 1658, despite the refresh, So yeah, I got Rocket!


Iron Patriot

E-Iso Increasing

Lvl1- Powerful bladed

Lvl2- Powerful Attack

Lvl6-Powerful Attack

Lvl9- Automated

Blue Suit Quicksilver

E-iso Aggressive 




Lvl9- Blackbelt


Tactitian Power Armour

Pyschic Amplifier

Synthetic Cube

Asguardian Tankard



Blue Suit Quicksilver

E-iso Aggressive 




Lvl9- Blackbelt


E-Iso Synchrinizied and Reflexive

Lvl1- Vorpal


Generalest Empowered Armour

E-iso Inspiring

Cosmic Cardinal


Coulson's Revenge

Psychic Amplifier


Now Having started in the killing zone of level 179 and power leveling to 300 by the end my numbers are going to be high,

Wins- 1266




Attacks- 556, with 100 of those today

Was able to get Taskmaster with 230 Lock boxes open and zero gold spent.

What I saw

Quick silver accounted for a little under 53% of all defenders,

Followed by in decending order:



Warmachine (Iron Patriot for 99%)



Beast (100% Pestilence)


Agents Were 55% generalist and 22% Tact

Biggest Weapon By Far was the the Cube

Followed By



Savant's Spear

Cosmic Cardinal

Psychic Amplifier

Dragon's Foot

Coulson's Revenge

Well untill next time

NEW Update

So with 5 days to go starting to see a shift on what eople have set on Defense. Noticing a lot more of the Quicksilver/Psylocke/Agent with Coulson's revenge/psycic amp.

Also starting to see bruiser Agent with Pych amp, Coulson, healing staff, cube with taskmaster adn Falcon. against the triple tact team is is a multi-turn healing nightmare.  really slows down matches. I can only assume this means people are no longer running Scrapper Quick silver?

so that brings us ot our new DEfensive team

Psylocke with Relentless and her E-ISo and extra Damage on her two attacts.

Quicksilver with Aggressive E-iso and the usual on his moves

general Agent with Coulson's revenge, Neurotrope, Cosmic cardnal and SoA until I get the Psychic amp. weird to not use the cube.

As for Offence settled on what everyone esle seems to be using in Emma and Iron Pat.

Tact agent with Cube, mystic, nuerotrope and Mug again as I get the Pychic amp, Nuertrope is going out

Emma has Her E-iso,

Iron Pat has Relentless and  extra DMG on his three moves with the tech upgrade on overcharge

Currnetly hovering around 1650 to 1700, I'll be ramping it up this weekend to try to hit 1750 to 1800 coming into monday so I can coast to Rocket

On the side note took me  230 boxes to get Taskmaster, spent 0 gold so nice the added boxes from the side quest were huge.


So my AFK team was getting slaughtered in low Vibe, keep bouncing between diamond and Vibe. so I am trying something different.

Switched to Magneto with Quick and Fluxing and Bluesuit scrapper Quicksilver with Agressive.

Agent went to generalist with inspiring using Cube, Mystic,Nuerotope and cosmic cardnal.

on a lock box note I opened 150 last night, got 7covers, so it looks like I'll get Taskmaster with 230 lockboxes and barringany badluckwith out having to buy any SO yay for that.

need to ramp up offensive matches toget to thatlowadmin if I have any shot of getting Rocket.  With the special op ending that should be my focus from here on out.

comments welcome

As a guy who has bounced between Admin and Vib finishes since he started playing (PVP season 2) last season was a bit hard to swallow finishing gold as I did ( i was in the dreaded 270 range when it started) Yhis season I want Rocket...

So with that said, after piling up 1500 def battles and 100 off battles I got to level 300...

needless to say my volume of attacks dropped. and I was able to climb y way out of the basement and up to a solid ranking of 1307 as of the 26th.

so whan am I seeing scing getting to 300?

in 30 fights i have seen

10 Magneto

9 90s Cyke

8 Quicksilver 

8 Peast

7 Deadpool

7 Fandrel

4 Volstagg

4 Havoks 

3 Fam Rouges

2 Iron Fist

and some randoms

most agents are tact or new generalist armour 

Seeing a lot of Mug, Cube, SOA and Healing staff. also seeing a lot of three tact teams with the Mug. this combo is mostly in the form of Cyke and Magneto or Peast and Cyke.

rignt now on defense I'm  testing the waters with 

Volstagg Voracious and Vengful, not at 13 yet so only Vorpal on lvl 1 move

and Fandral with Relective and Relentless can't decide on a iso

Agent is a tact, with mug, SOA cube and Mystic. 

been running just below 40 % AFK so far after hitting 300 

Thinking about switching in 9o's Cyke and Staff as this is a huge slowdown for attackers. Thoughts?

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