So with the new SPec Op dropping today I thought I would write a little blog about how to handle it. Lock boxes aside and not reading the list task list I'm doing this blind. I have 50 allies and am level 300 with all heroes at lvl 14 if you are not here,  resaults may vary. i am doing this in the way that uses the least energy and u-isos, I also try to use teams that will get me the biggest mission scores to save on trips through. Anti-Venom/Hybrid, Agent Venom/Anti-Venom, Quicksilver/Scarlet Which, Hawkeye/Black Widow are all good ones to go with. So lets begin...

The Quest for Beta-Ray Bill

Start by doing a ten to 20 min deploy, do not collect until task 3

task 1 Defeat 4 Sauruses-  This is easy just start the mission and do a medium and a hard or 2 mediums at most 20 energy and 20 u-isos spent, 

task 2 use Beta Ray Bill-  I recomend doing 1 deploy and both hard missions to get to the Wrecker/Thunderball Fight, all you have to do is win. 30 Energy 50-uiso

task 3 finisch 3 deploys- Collect your jets

task 4 defeat the executioner- You should need 1 medium fight to get to the executioner fight so 20 E and 30 U-iso

Task 5 Research the armband - good thing you get a metal for beating Scurge. 40 Uiso and 8 hrs. see you tomorrow

So while  waiting for the research I redid mission 1 to get to three stars because A, it gave me something to do and B I know I'm going to have to at least 3 star every mission to get Bill

Task 6- use the band- As per normal you have to use the item you just made, did this outside of the Op to save on u-isos

Task 7- Defeat the GB- now as you don't have any allies to fight yet you have to take out your own. I now the silver is tempting but just knock him down 5% to get the win and the LB, give your allies a shot to rean LBS

Task 8 two star mission 1- if you used a team with a lot of team up bonuses this should be done already so move on

Task 9 use Fandral- three Options,  if you have him use him outside the Op like I did, if you don't, either farm CP as he costs 90 or go to the Mini boss and team up.

Task 10 compleate any deploys- again did ths out side of the op to save on u-isos

Task 11 Build the sword- Hopefully like me you got another Unstable metal to do this task, otherwise your going to have to do some deploys in the op of spend 3 gold. 

Time fo another break, now while this one is going on what I did was go through Mission two. I ran the deploys so I could leave all the bosses. The reason I did this is that at some point I'm going to have to beat the boss of mission 2, it's always happens, by doing it this way I can 3 bird the boss and save time when the research is compleate.

task 12 use the sword- Equip the thing on your agent and do a fight outside of the op to save u-iso

Task 13 Defeat miniboss- Wow that was some good foresight, so gotta beat the DK elf and move on, so much for the three bird

task 14 Defeat the mission 2 boss- There it is, well I would be lying if I said this fight didn't suck, because it does. You need to use Loki's L1 to add DoTs and use tiems for dmg. Anything thats adds more DoTs is also recomended

Task 15 Two Star mission 2- If you've been following my advise on using high team up bonus teams you should have this

Task 16 Build the staff- Takes 24 hrs and a metal, hopefully you have another by this point or its 3 gold for you... See you tomorrow night.

So while this is going on I re run mission 2 for two reasons, 1 to farm for metal as odds are the last resarch takes two to do and to three star the mission as I said I'll put good money on having to need to three star the missions Task 17 Use the Staff and the Sword- Again best advise save on u-isos and do them outside the op

Task 18 Beat 6 Druagr warriors- On to mission 3 to beat 6 of them, the 1st hard figt had 6 for me so done and done Task 19 Use two of the Enchantress abilities three times each- Ughhhhh, I'm pretty sure the one has a cool down and I have to use her as a team up in Mission 3 mini-boss Why couldn't have been a distress call thing. I recomend using a Quantim Jumper or a Chrono boost item to give her the turns needed. You may also want to use items with the other team members as Ymir has some beefy Defense. 

task 20 Win three PVP fights-  time to do some practice fights

Task 21 Build Coulson's gun- So I was right, needed two more metals. this one taes a day and a half so while this is reasearching I'm going to run mission 3 to epic hpoefully getting three stars in the process or at the very least the epic drop weapon.

Task 22 Use stuff- So after building the last Item you have to use all three. again, equip them and run a mission out side the op to save on E-iso

Task 23 Beat Hela- The Trick to this on saving E-Iso is to three bird her. The first Rd is a pain with Ymir in the first rd. Two choices, either DoT him to death or stack a ton of energy weapons and have Loki just throw DoTs and Heal the choice is yurs. After that, the bruiser will protect Hela so deal with him first and then concentrate on Hela herself, because if you kill both henchmen she summons two more. Ditto for round 3

Task 24 3 star- If you were like me you three stared mission 3 while researching Coulson's new gun. Move onto...

Task 25 Epic Boss- So You need Thing at 33 cp, Heimdal At 200 cp and Falcon at 200 cp for a total of 433 cp. Ouch, now I say always save the gold, you still have a ton of time to do the mission. Start Farming 1-12-2, 9-12 runs a day for a week should get you to around 200 cp per week, so in 2 weeks you have both Falcon and Heimdal. after taht thing should be a walk in the park to get. My advise is to farm. otherwise 30 GP = 60CP < 200 cp or 100 GP later.

Group Boss teams A big part of fighting group bosses is how to beat them down to max out on silver return and get the bonus boxes for taking the boss to 0 health. with that in mins here are the teams I've had the most success with.

Vs Tact-

Agent- Tact Empowered
  • E-Ios= Quick
  • War Axe
  • Asgardian Mug
  • Psychic Amp
  • Nuero Trope
  • E-Iso= Loquacious and Lingering
  • L1- Extra Hit
  • L2- stamina Boost
  • L6- Rising Up
  • L9- empty
  • E-Iso= Disaplined and Agressive
  • L1= Extra Crit
  • L2= Staina Boost
  • L6- Empty
  • L9 Extra Crit

the key to this one is strait forward, heal with mug, st extra attacks in with flanked and Arrows add pain

Vs Inf-

Agent- Tact Empowered
  • E-Iso= Quick
  • War Axe
  • Cube
  • Psychic Amp
  • Quantum Jumper
Iron Fist- Heroic Age Scrapper
  • E-iso= Heartfelt
  • L1- Extra Hit
  • L2- Extra Crit
  • L6- Ferric
  • L9- Extra team Stamina
Dead Pool- Classic Dead Pool Scrapper 
  • Eiso= Spicey and Savorey
  • L1= Extra Hit
  • L2= Extra Hit
  • L3= Extra hit
  • L4= Extra Dmg 
This one is all about Dead Pools L9. Get the Debuffs, use Fist to protect your guys and use te Cube's L3 and L4 for extra Dmg. Use the QJ to get extra turns for DPs L6 to build the Debuffs

VS Bruiser-

Agent- Tact Empowered
  • E-Iso= Quick
  • War Axe
  • Nueropurge
  • Asguardian Mug
  • Quantum Jumper


  • E-Iso= Unadvoidable and Relentless
  • L1 Extra Hit


  • E-Iso= Temporal and unadvoidable
  • L1 Extra DMG
  • L6 Extra Hit
  • L9 Stamina Boost

The Key to this fight is giving Fixer extra turns to set up mines and his shield SO start by using cable's L9 on Fixer, using Cables TK over drive L6 to build up his attack and lay down debuffs for fixes blaster mine to set off. so in rd 4 you trope, have fixer blaster L1 all 3 of his mines (Place the Blaster one last!!!) and then have cable L1 with several stacks of Power contained... good stuff

VS Blaster-

Agent- Tact Empowered
  • E-Iso= Quick
  • War Axe
  • Psychic Amp
  • Nuerotrope
  • Quantum Jumper


  • E-Iso= Unadvoidable and Relentless
  • L1 Extra Hit
  • L9 Stamina Boost

Black Bolt

  • E-Iso= Increasing and Relentless
  • L1 Extra DMG
  • L2 Estra Hit
  • L6 Extra Hit
  • L9 Extra DMG

The Key to this fight is giving Fixer extra turns to set up mines and his shield, and for Black Bolt to pick up partials and Hit him with a big boy L9 at the end when exhausted options. Swithc Fixer to Tact every turn to gain an extra turn.  in rd 4 you trope,and  have fixer blaster L1 all 3 of his mines (Place the Blaster one last!!!) Hopefully by this time you have 30 stacks of Particals and have BB wail on him with an exhausted L9. you the Amp when stamina is low to keep it up as you will burn thrugh it, you may aslo have to use fixers sheld a few tiems as well

VS Scrapper-

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