A question that often comes up among new players is, are the E-Isos worth the time to farm? The answer is depends. Some are much better than others, some are much easier to get to the heroic fight, and others are in fights that contain multiple heroes. With that said I am assigning letter grades to each of the E-Isos out there…

Grade A- these are the ones that make the hero attached to them a true PVP contender or grant additional power to an already powerful hero-

Caressing-  Found in 2-1-1 and used with Rogue. No matter what version of Rogue that you use, famine or regular this is a must. It adds effects to her attacks. It Saves you a turn of building and allows you to go into agro mode by adding Stuns and increasing damage.

Circulating- Found in 2-5-3 used for the Invisible Woman. Sue used to be a PVP main stay, she’s fallen out of favor lately but this brings her back in a big way. It gives her L2 a debuff remover, for the whole team. So she now protects and removes debuffs, I think we might see more of Sue in the future.

Commanding- Found in 2-4-4 and for Cyclops. Oh how the tides have turned, for a loooooong time Cyke was just a silver miner, now with the rework he is a power house. Flanked and incapacitate, yes please add his Jim Lee costume and bam, top tier guy. With this E-Iso he also boosts your teams’ stats, so good, real good E-Iso.

Eternal- this one can be found in mission 2-4-1 and works with Emma Frost. Let us be honest anything that makes Emma Better is going to be a top notch item and giving her Diamond form without organic recovery makes her a beast again, because last time I checked taking less damage and still being able to win fights while alone is what you’ re looking for in PVP.

Fluxing- The other half of 2-4-1 for Magneto. So your opponent has Mystic and keeps removing Magnetized huh, not anymore s this changes Magnetized to polarized making it un-removable, so now you’re opponent cannot crit and is auto hit and critted by Magneto, sounds good to me.

Heartfelt- Found in 2-6-6 used with Iron Fist. This was tailor made for his White costume. As I’ve stated elsewhere out of turn attacks are awesome, countering them is even better, countering them 100% of the time is amazing. Use his Bruiser costume and it’s not even that hard of a fight to win.

Instant- Found in 2-1-6 for Cable. Gives him a preemptive attack, out of turn attacks add damage and damage is the name of the game. The fact that the attack could hit for big damage depending on what debuffs your opponent has on them, makes this an A-list E-Iso.

Loquacious-Found in 1-2-6 and is for Fandral. So this one is a little more subtle than most, but it helps make Fandral a top character. Adding Migraine lowers the damage of an enemy attack so less damage taken. It’s a passive ability that gets applied often on his witty retort. So free damage reduction without any real use of ability. I told you it was a good one.

Optic- purchased for 30 gold used for Cyclops. So I know this is more of a farming guide, but, I had to mention this one. It allows Cyclops’ two visor attacks to ignore Defense. So no matter what shields the enemy has, no matter how high his defensive stat is, you’ll do full damage without the liability of being a blaster.

Predictive- Found in 2-4-6 and is for Mockingbird. This one makes the list because like Emma, mockingbird is a strong hero and this gives her passive just a little boost. Her passive grants her the counter class of what is attacking her, so good, has a chance of giving her an extra turn, even better, with this it happens before your opponent connects. Why this is good, it can give you an extra turn vs blasters, an extra stack of enraged vs scrappers and a counter vs tacticians, so what everybody plays.

Revered- Found in 2-1-3 for Night Crawler.  So you hate getting your whole team stunned on turn one, or you hate that Quicksilver just made your team wide open with combo set up. Well With this one, you don’t have to worry about it on the first turn. The heroic battle is easy to pop up and the fight is easy as well.

So the next two go hand and hand to make the next hero pretty darn good…Spicy, found on 2-1-6 and Savory found in 2-2-4, both for Deadpool. Individually they’re ok, combined they make the Merc with the Mouth an A class hero. Savory gives Pool a protection skill combined with a counter attack that adds two stacks of bleed, so Good. Spicy give Deadpool 50% of his health back when he dies, so also good. Combined they are great!

Synchronized- found on 2-5-5 for Psylocke. So wow, when Psylocke first came out she was a PVP machine, then she got hit with the Nerf bat. Now she’s back in a big way, as I am writing this she is the second most used hero in PVP, only Quicksilver gets used more. This E-Iso is the reason why, your team starts with coordinated attack and the stat boost it provides, Let me repeat, extra stats and attacks before the fight starts so really powerful stuff.

Swooping- Found in 2-6-1 and is for Falcon. OK Falcon’s L2 already does this and adds a counter attack to all other allies so why is this one so high? Well is saves on turn progression, helps against Quick silver and when combined with Ukemi makes Sam very hard to kill.

Grade B- These ones are good, but not stellar or go to a less ideal hero-

Accelerating- found in 2-2-6 for Quicksilver. OK let me just say this, as of the time of this writing Quicksilver is the belle of the PVP ball. He accounts for 50% of all teams.  And yes this allows him to keep his stacks of quickness when he counter attacks which I admit  is amazingly good, however, I think that Aggressive is better for the scrapper costume due to the bigger bonus on attacks and the Inspiring is better for Generalist due to the boost to your whole team. I also think the Blue suit is hands down better than the Green suit.

Attentive- This little beauty can be found in mission 2-3-3. It goes for Hawkeye. This one is good because it lets you go first almost always. The knock is that Hawkeye is a difficult hero to use. He never misses but he doesn’t hit all that hard, his arrows do give him some neat abilities but they are random. He does have a stun but with all the Mystics, Tanks and Night Crawlers out there he’s kind of meh. Still there is something to be said for going first.

Disciplined- Found in 1-2-6 and is for Hogun. This is one I might move up if the debuffs that this protect against become more prevalent. As it stands now, Combo Set up, DoTs and stat decreases are the most common.  This one is a little below average even though it protects against winded.

Decimating- Found in 2-4-4 and is for Colossus. I’ll start by saying I’m a little biased for the big Russian, he’s one of my all-time favorite characters of all time. He tanks, better than most, with the right Isos he hits hard, this just allows him to counter while tanking. The reason this is not an A E-Iso is that Colossus is kind of meh in PVP as of this writing and tanking has kind of fallen by the wayside. If that changes, this e-Iso goes up in value.

Dynamo- Found in 2-5-4 and is for Bishop. So Bishop is awesome in PVE and is not very good in PVP due to his long build up. This speeds that up a little by proving him with more stacks of potential energy. Still it’s not quite enough to make him a top tier guy, it makes him a lot more fun to play.

Enchanted- Found in 2-2-1 and is for Dr. Strange. This has nothing to do with the movie. Dr. Strange is good, not great but good, he’s a glass cannon not a lot of defense or health but a ton of damage.  The issue with this one is that it should be an A-Iso as it only affects one power. Sure it makes that one power a one shot kill power but it just doesn’t add that much over all.

Fervent- Found in 2-2-3 and is for Captain America.  I like this one, I like tanks with counter abilities, and this gives cap in his WWII PJs two counter attacks against ranged attacks. That is why this isn’t higher. Ranged attacks are about 50% of all attacks and this only counters 50% of the time, so it doesn’t occur enough to merit a higher ranking.

Fixating- Found in 2-3-2 and is for Ms. Marvel. What I like about this one is it takes her worst stat, Accuracy and makes it obsolete, combined with A-Isos to help her crit allows one to boost her attack and Defense through the roof.

Flashing- Found in 2-3-5 and is for Black Panther. So when combined with Black Panther’s A-Iso is very good. The only issue with this one is that he still takes 2 rounds to max out. Most PVP fights don’t last that long. Still gives him stealthy attacks, applies hobbled and gives a preemptive counter to a hero that has a regular counter and a follow up attack, so, great e-Iso for the king of Wakanda.

Furious- Found in 2-5-1 and is for She Hulk. It increases key stats for Jennifer, and unlike her cousin, she doesn’t lose them to increase damage. Still they don’t stack quickly enough for PVP and even with her A-Iso just isn’t quite top tier. Let us see what happen with her new costume, might move this up.

Irritating- Found in 2-3-5 and is for Wasp. Janet’s counter isn’t all that reliable and relies on the opponent having certain debuffs on them to work. This takes care of the issue of reliability in that she now always counters someone with the correct debuffs. To max out this out start the fight with her L3.

Leading- Found in 2-6-1 and is for Captain America. Another one for Cap and this one lets him go first. Works better with any costume not from a world war and works best with his Winter Soldier outfit. Cap has very few holes in his game play, is very strait forward to play, just not sure if going first is all that powerful for him anymore.

Prepared- Found in 2-6-5 and is for punisher. This one works much like the one for Mocking Bird, this one changes his class based on what class attacks him. Unlike Mocking Bird, Punisher doesn’t get an extra turn and his attacks are not as good, hence the lower rating.

Rhythmic- Found in 2-5-5 and is for Spiral. Ok another one that seems meh at first until you see it in action. By giving access to all of Spiral’s dances without the set up makes her much versatile. Need debuffs, got em, need buffs got those too and they are applied to whole teams!

Smiting- Found in 2-1-5 and is for Hercules. A counter on a tank that is catastrophic ads strengthened and stuns should be an A-list. But and it is a big but, only counters on area attacks making it limited. Still Herc is solid and in PVE one sees more area attacks so this is a B in my mind.

Smoldering- Found in 2-5-6 and is for Red Hulk. Adds a fair amount of heat which is the General’s buffing passive. It’s also hot enough for Rulk to dish out burning and pyro attacks from the get go. The issue is if you’re not careful and he gets attacked a lot early he might stroke out before you get to attack causing your team damage and losing his turn.

Stalking- Found in 2-2-4 and is for Wolverine. The good stacks scent on opponents making attacks against them hit more and cannot be protected against. The bad, Wolverine needs hit first with a melee to trigger it.  So about 50% of attacks trigger it and you have to hope the bouncing bezerker doesn’t die first. If wolverine wasn’t such a good hero this would be a C.

Tenacious- Found in 2-6-2 and is for Ghost Rider. Like Deadpool this one returns Mr. Blaze back to 50% health if KOed the first time. Ghost Rider isn’t as good as Deadpool, but this gives him another out if his passive to stay alive doesn’t trigger. Now if only he could heal himself this would be an A easy.

Voracious- Found on 1-2-6 and is for Volstagg. Another one that is hard to see its usefulness until you see it in action. By giving Volstagg an extra stack of well-fed every turn it increases his chance to counter attack while tanking, so another out of turn attack and we all know how we feel about those.

Windy- Found in 2-4-4 and is for Storm. While this seems a little weak at first, keep in mind that all of Ororo’s powers do more if Shroud is active so it saves you an important turn. On top of that starting with an auto miss is a good thing. I just which this one went to a better character.

 'Grade C- 'These Iso are either average or have a much better option on the hero-

Analyzing- Found in 2-3-2 and is for Moonstone. Gives the good doctor a counter attack against enemies that have been affected by her passive, good should be better. Her passive is unpredictable at best and she is just not that strong on top of it. So on any other hero this is a b at least most likely an A.

Besrserking- Fund in 2-4-3 and is for Sif. Out of turn attacks, I love them, I just hate that this works with Sif. Even with her other outfit she is just kind of average. Starting with crit hits is good if those hits are meaningful, just not sure hers are. The biggest issue is, for everything Sif does well, someone else does it better.

Consuming- Found on 2-4-3 and is for Phoenix.  Gives her L1 Soulfire. So now it does damage, ignores defense, removes buffs and adds a DoT. This is really good for an A-Iso. , but average for an E-Iso.

Cracking- Found in 2-6-6 and is for Luke Cage.  As he gains stacks of Knuckle up he removes a debuff. This is pretty good for an offensive guy. Still there are way better scrappers out there and while he went from worst hero with his update to playable he’s still just a little lacking.

Dynamic- Found 2-2-3 and is for Thor. This one is subtle as well for a pretty good hero. It adds static charge to his L1 and L4. Gives you a little extra damage, can chain if set up properly works best with Mighty Thor for this reason. Works even better with is two A-Isos.

Enticing- Found in 2-6-4 and is for Satana.  Much like Fandral preemptively adds distraction. So makes it harder to hit your team. Still all things considered this is just a meh ability.

Hellacious- Found in 2-6-4 and is for Damion Hellstrom. This is the third in our series of resurrection E-Isos and it’s on my least favorite hero of the bunch. So as a little biased as I am it still is a pretty good pick up. Damian can heal himself and put a blanket defense on the whole team, protect from magic attacks and heal another team member. The blaster and self DoT is what I can’t get past on him I hate giving extra turns to Tacts.

Inventive- Found in 2-2-5 and is for Spiderman. The description is “Grants a passive random buff each turn”. That sentence sums it up, random, none of them are overly powerful either and none last more than a turn. So while it’s good to see Spidey get some love, I would like to see a little bit better love.

Ironclad- Found in 2-5-6 and is for Hulk. Taking less damage and reducing crits is very good, too bad it’s just a chance. Hulk hits harder than most he does have a tendency to be the first out in PVP. So while this isn’t fantastic on its own it might work better with his other E-Iso.

Lucky- Found in 2-3-6 and is for Black Cat. This one is good and I may be underrating it as it gives Black Cat an extra turn when she uses her L6. The way I see it doesn’t activate enough to make it very useful. Her L6 starts cooled down. So you have to wait a turn to use it, so it would seem to me that ideally you would L1 on turn 1, L6, then L9, if you get the extra turn your2nd round would be L6, L2 then L9 assuming your still alive by then.

Masonic- Found in 2-5-3 and is for Thing. So starting with Stonewall is great for tanking. Extra turns, reduced damage and extra stamina all are good things. I just don’t know if the blue eyed thing can do enough damage to call for PVP usage hence the C rating.

Overclocked- Found in 2-3-1 and is for Mr. Fantastic. With this Iso his L9 hit all opponents reducing HP by a set amount, in PVP that’s 35% plus adds stamina to all allies. Again, this one should be an A-Iso instead of an E-Iso that is used with a really weak hero.

Photoconductive- Found in 2-3-3 and is for Iron Man. Shell head is a one trick pony and this E-Iso feds that pony. Adding stacks of Uni-beam Focus makes it hit harder a faster, the down side he has to be hit by energy attacks to gain the stack and the stacks can still be removed. The other Downside is that Iron Man is still a stamina pig with or without this E-Iso.

Predatory- Found in 2-5-1 and is for Tigra. So gaining swipe after single target attacks add damage and causes all stacks of bleed to hemorrhage so more extra damage. The issues are that Tigra is an Infiltrator so Quicksilver bait, and bleeding is a suboptimal strategy in PVP at the time of this writing.

Resolute-Found in 2-5-1 and is for Thundra. OK so this is another that would be a grade higher if it was for a different hero. In PVE Thundra is awesome, in PVP, not so much. Her big drawback is that she’s slow to build. This helps by allowing her to keep what she built up. I could see some real synergy with Spiral but need some more testing.

Typhionic- Found in 2-2-2 and is for Daredevil. Dare devil is an OK hero; this adds a lot of damage to his attacks. Still needs some help to make it really work but extra damage is extra damage. I still wouldn’t use him in PVP, PVE he’s fun to play though.

Tangled- Found in 2-3-6 and is for Spiderman. So adds Opportunist Webbed and exploit Opportunist to his L6. Again good but not great, it does make your friendly neighborhood Spiderman more playable, I’m just not sure if it’s enough.

Thick- Found in 2-4-2 and is for Hulk. Another one that might move up, with this one Hulk up adds to the defense as well as attack and accuracy making this Ideal for Grey Hulk. Still can be removed with removal effects and takes a turn or two to build up so not ideal.

Unbreakable- Found in 2-3-1 and is for Dr. Doom. So the big issue for Doom is that he’s your only hero and is wrecked by stun and exhausted, this solves both issues at the cost of only being slightly better than Relentless.

Grade D- These E-Isos, are either Suboptimal, for weak heroes, or just redundant.

Adroit- Found in 2-3-5 and is for Black Widow. Disadvantage is ok, but Natasha’s best moves are her L6 and L9 so you don’t use her L1 too much. On top of that, this is another one that should be an A-Iso instead.

Aromatic- Found in 2-5-2 and is for X-23. So it adds trigger scents preemptively for X-23. This one is still kind of meh because the hero herself is kind of meh. She still is slow to build, still relies on bleeds which as of this writing are under powered and just doesn’t do enough damage outside of her L6.

Desperate-Found in 2-6-3 and is for Ares. Adds damage to attacks as Ares loses health. Additional damage is always welcome; I just don’t like it at the cost of health. Ares is much better alive so you can take advantage of his passive. I also prefer equipping Skullthumper and relentless on him instead.

Draconian- Found in 2-5-2 and is for Kitty Pryde. Normally I would eat this up, an Iso that allows a counter to happen 100% of the time, hecks ya, then you read the fine print, doesn’t work while phased. The whole point of Shadowcat is to counter while phased so no thanks on this one, should be better but isn’t.

Duplicitous- Found in 2-5-5 and is for Phantom X. An out of turn attack that only works when an opponent attacks himself, yikes that is situational at best for a substandard hero. X needs a boost, as of now he is slow to build and underwhelming when he does attack. This doesn’t help

Knightly- Found in 2-4-5 and is for Captain Britain.  Gives more Defense to a character that is all about offence. He loses some synergy because of this, another one that works better with Relentless and Surprising or if you want the defense use Hardened instead.

Pilfered- Found in 2-1-1 and is for Gambit. This doubles the amount of stacks of Kinetic Energy that Gambit can have.  This gives him more quick actions on his L2 and more Damage on his L6. Also increases his Crit rate which is the best part about this. Gambit is a slightly under powered hero mostly due to class and lack of health and this doesn’t address either short coming.

Pyroclastic- Found in 2-5-3 and is for the Human Torch. This one is an if, as in if your opponent has burning and if your opponent has pyrophoric, both of which are easy to remove.  Also Torch is lacking an AOE attack other than his L9 so needs to be attacked with melee attack to help spread the burn. Most fights are over before the stacks can take real affect making this a ho-hum e-Iso.

Statistical- Found in 2-2-6 and is for The Scarlet Witch. Increases the chance of Chaos Shield working to 100%, can you say Yawn. This is another one that should be an A-Iso. Wanda used to be a PVP staple but has lost a lot of her luster to the Cube, everything she does, it does better.

Tactical- Found in 2-6-3 and is for War Machine. I was excited when I found out Rhodey was getting an E-Iso that lasted about 2 hours until I unlocked chapter 2-6-3.  A random passive that applies a counter debuff on a guy who when in his Pepsi can PJs can wipe out a whole team in one turn with the Increasing E-Iso and the Tech A-Isos. Sigh was hoping to make him even more OP.

 Grade F- Rated E-Isos. This group is just awful, either because of what they do, who they are for or in a couple cases making heroes worse.

Grounding- Found in 2-5-4 and is for Havok. Havok is one of the best one shot killers in the game if not the best. At one time he had the passive to block Energy attacks, this made him a bad play as he has low health and you don’t want your hammer taking damage if you can avoid it. So why give him something that they took away to make him better and put it back on? Yes he misses out on extra cosmic radiation stacks, but he stays alive. I consider that more important.

Frenzied- Found in 2-1-2 and is for Sabretooth. So this is the one I’m most likely to take flack on as it grants extra turns. While this is true, it removes the recovery from death that Victor has as a passive and to me that’s more important in a world where Quick/Locke can make short order of a team that can’t come back. Aggressive and close work better on Mr. Creed anyway in my opinion.

Soothing- Found in 2-1-2 and is for Wolverine. Heals wolverine back to 100% health, now you’re wondering why it’s all the way down here. It isn’t a quick action, it can only be used once unlike say Iron Fist’s heal, and it takes up an E-Iso slot that could be used for something better.  Nothing to like here, just give him the generic 50% at dead one that everyone else seems to get.

Tantalizing- Found in 2-1-4 and is for Spider Woman. Spider Woman is easily one of the worst heroes in the game. This E-Iso doesn’t help her cause. Sure an extra round of mind control is ok, but it still doesn’t happen enough to warrant using her at all. My advice, just keep sending her on missions and collect silver.

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