This is a PvP Team breakdown blog. Teams that have synergy or really good in terms of both defensive and offensive-wise will be reviewed here.

Cheap Teams

Here is a list of teams, that can be easily bought right of the bat. Usually teams in this category are found in lower levels, and worth less than 100 CP. 


Cost: 15-38 CP

Strategy: Powehouse

Description: Now this team will wreck the lower levels (considering that there are no PD players), with pure power.There is usually no strategy involved when using this team since most of them do not inflict good debuffs, with the exception of Cyke.

  • This strategy however, will not be viable in the higher levels.

Grey Suit Black Widow (Tactician) and Future Foundation Invisible Woman (Infiltrator) -OFFENSIVE-

Cost: 90 CP or 105 CP (if you didnt get IW for free)

Strategy: Deadly Crits, Stealthy and Protection

Pre-requisites: Grey Suit Black Widow at Level 9

Description: I have used this team (and DemonicMRX11 ) a while back before switching to my new team, but this got me a long way. IW attacking abilities has Deadly Crits and Stealthy, which means that this can exploit GBW L9 ability Widowmaker, that puts targeted to an enemy. Which makes every attack on that target to be a Guaranteed hit and crit, with a Widowmaker buff put on GBW for a chance to stun, which is neat. IW attacks will deal more damage than usual. Also, IW grants shields to all allies which is neat and her L9 is great for immoblizing QS for a while and GBW's counter ability is always good for extra damage. Putting Disadvantage to an opponent as a counter (Lithe E-ISO) and Air Pressure, an ability to remove debuffs when shielded (IW's E-ISO) are two very nice additions to the team.

DoT Teams (Damage Over Time)

Now personally, I have never used a DoT team ever. So I may have lost a few points on some of them but I will be covering the basic strats for each team.

Horseman of Pestilence (Tactician) and Nico Minoru -OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE-

Cost: 180-380 CP

Pre-requisites: No debuffs removing gear

Strategy: Debuffs, Stall, Survival

Description: THIS TEAM IS NASTY! Now Nico can start of first turn with More DoTs and OHKO the whole team right from the bat, but that is not only the good part, she can grant Extra turns and Rising Up buffs to an ally, which is awesome. Now with Pesti here, not so much an attacker, but his passive and attack effects are awesome. Paradise Lost makes it so that NO ONE CAN REMOVE DEBUFFS, which is super nasty. Also, Pesti's L1 grants Generalized(awesome) and Nanoplague (more awesome, albeit 60% of the time). This team tanks as well, with Nico's Rez and if you put Savant on Beast you have a pretty bulky tank setup as well. Put this team to great use and you assured your win.

Glass Cannon Teams

Glass Cannon Teams are teams that pack a lot of firepower, doesn't require too much setup but are fragile. Smart plays are needed to utilize the teams to its full potential.

Hogun and Rocket Raccoon (Offensive)

Cost: 0-270 CP (currently RR is not on the store for all who are not Vib+ last season)

Pre-Requisites: Asgardian Tankard, Any Tactician Armor, One Weapon of Choice

Strategy: Power, Follow-Up, Counter,Buff

Description: This team will enable you to BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR OPPONENT IN TURN ONE! Now the best case scenario for this team is to have either Hogun or your agent in turn one.  Have either one go for the Tankard :D, then its your agent's turn. The agent should prepping out your team for all the buffs that you need, then kill one enemy with  a weapon (I prefer the Bashenga's Blade), afterwards Hogun and RR should follow up for the kill. Afterwards, rinse and repeat. :D

Counters: Buff removing gadgets, Iron Fist, Magneto,Rescue.

All-Round Teams

These teams have the most versatility in most battles.

Mockingbird and Havok (Offensive)

Cost: 400 CP

Strategy: Paragon Exploitation

Description:The so-called Horsemen Counter in PVP Season 14, have been nerfed quite a bit due to the presence of Havok not being a one-shotter anymore, at the same time the reduction of exploitation damage from Paragon Exploiter. The point of this team in the current meta is to use havok to setup all the paragon debuffs then exploit them, this process can sped up if the agent follows the same setup (Horseman Set).

Quicksilver and Magneto (Both)

Cost: 78 or 93 Cp + Magneto from LB

Strategy: Supression and Offense

Description: This team in defense is one of the most annoying team to face. Maggy can apply Magnetized (Polarized w/EISO <---More annoying) to the team which suppresses the attacking power (crit) and the ability to dodge , at the same time he can protect his team and gain an extra turn from it, his L2 has a very high chance to stun and he is a tactician (need I say more?). Quicksilver on the otherhand will destroy your team with counters etc. The agent can run the cube for evasion from enemy attacks and could be a tank to take all hits to keep Maggy alive. 

Famine w/Infiltrator Power/ Grey Suit Black Widow (Tactician) / Quicksilver (Gen or Scrapper) [BOTH]

Cost: Depends on the heroes you choose.

Strategy: Counter, Combo Setup Exploitation, Disadvantage

Description: too add later :P

Fandral and Volstagg 

Cost: 180 CP (must unlock Volstagg from his respective CT)

Strategy: Tank, Debuff, Depower, Explotation,Bleeding

Pre-requisites: Asgardian Tankard

Description: to add later

Hogun and Fandral

Cost: 225 CP

Strategy: Pure Power, Suppression

Pre-requisites: Asgardian Tankard

Description: to add later :D

Opportunity Teams

These teams put Opportunist debuffs on the enemy and exploit them to be able to inflict maximum damage.

Spiderman and Wasp

Cost: 180 CP

Strategy: Its obvious isn't it?

Descrption: to add later :D

Spiderman and Anti-Venom

Cost: 90 to 290 CP

Description: to add later  :D

Finest Hour Teams

If you wanna deal MASSIVE damage without applying debuffs, cause F*CK MYSTIC and Nightcrawler with E-ISO. Then you wanna look up this section. Take note that these debuffs are removed easily by buff removal abilities. So it is recommended that you equip the Scroll of Acnesack for buff protection.

Heimdall and Sandman

Experimental Teams

These teams are not yet known to be pvp viable, but they have potential.

Taskmaster and Phoenix

Cost: Unlock Tasky via Lockboxes and 48 CP

Strategy: Protect, Passive Exploitation

Description: The point of this team is to utilized Taskmaster's Passives. My letting TM protect attacks he gains the power of the attacker at the same time change his moveset according toi the absorbed power, at the same time he has a chance to get an extra turn; which is really nice. Phoenix  and the other hand will enable TM to protect attacks as well as decrease the damage of the oppoennt to stun them...if its an option. Phoenix also has a chance to revive someone when they are defeated (which is very neat) then go for big damage. The agent could run a Opportunity /Bleeding Setup, with the Ex Oblvione to take advantage of Taskmaster's Exploit Opportunity Attacks.

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