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    PVP Teams Breakdown

    April 12, 2014 by Bbbb434

    This is a PvP Team breakdown blog. Teams that have synergy or really good in terms of both defensive and offensive-wise will be reviewed here.

    Here is a list of teams, that can be easily bought right of the bat. Usually teams in this category are found in lower levels, and worth less than 100 CP. 


    Cost: 15-38 CP

    Strategy: Powehouse

    Description: Now this team will wreck the lower levels (considering that there are no PD players), with pure power.There is usually no strategy involved when using this team since most of them do not inflict good debuffs, with the exception of Cyke.

    • This strategy however, will not be viable in the higher levels.

    Grey Suit Black Widow (Tacti…

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