While playing PvP, I seem to notice some things like who most people use. So I decided what I should do.

1. Most people have Human torch, so what I do is;

Use Hawkeye's Poinpont Target and then Trick arrow. If you have a Tactician outfit, you have an extra turn so you can use your first move. You can also increase another Tactician's accuracy, for Example cyclops. Cyclops's first move gives the 'Flanked' Debuff so single target attack against them will give follow up attacks. He is also very cheap, as he is 15 cp.

2. Wolverine

After Wolvie's new buffs, many players have got him. As he is a scrapper, I use my Hulk lv9 and get my Bruiser 'Strength up' to do heaps of damage. I am Lv91 so, the best he did was 18606 damage to Wolverine. With his buffs, he has a chance to counter or protect so that is a massive advantage. Like Dr Strange (below), and Human torch (above) he also has a prenium mission which makes him valuable.

3. Hawkeye

Hawkeye's last ability has made him very popular. His alternate costume (Heroic age) is also pretty much always used in PvP, so that makes him a tough opponent. If you were lucky enough to get the avengers costume like me, you can get coordinated attack. He was also available as an infiltrator. I have an infiltaror hawkeye so I have a type advantage. If you don't, than I reccomend Invisible woman's alternate costume as that has many good buffs.

4. Dr strange

He has become a bit more popular from his alternate uniform which can be a tactician. He is also needed for a 'Prenium mission' in Season 1. With his lv 6 move Vapors of valtorr which gives the debuff 'Dark void', causing massive damage and stamina each turn. With his alternate passive 'Defender ', he can randomly create smaller shields around allies. His second move heals and also heals Health every round. When he is attacked, attacks (with his first move), and each round he gains Mystic energy and when he stacks three, he gains power of the princiapalities. That means when he attacks with Vapors of Valtorr, or defends with shield of the seraphim or even heals with Teresing boost, he gives an extra turn. 

So what I usually do is use Hulk with Dr strange, but I recently got red hulk lv 6 so I use him instead as his Bulwark ability. I usually have the Blaster's aegis armour in case anyone (this isn't common, but it isn't rare either) uses the Hulk.

I hope this was useful to some people.

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