Hi, readers. Bashinthegreat here. It has been quite a long time since I first step into this wiki. So I want to make a mark in here in case I have to leave or be away, that I'm not just info-absorbers.

Now, let's get started. Task list is on, so I'm not going to wait.

Day 1

As everyone does, it's going to be 6 tasks today.

Task 1: Take out 8 OctaCircular cultists.

Task 2: 2x Flight Deck missions.

Task 3: Defeat Black Dwarf, a giant dwarf.

Task 4: Recover Black Bolt, who is mind-controlled by Supergiant the slim giant, which means we have to defeat her.

Task 5: Defeat Baron Mordo, this one is psychologically manipulated by Ebony Maw.

Task 6: Regular plain-old 8hr research.

That makes 6 tasks. Just take on bosses and do miscellanous stuffs. But task 8 requires me to 2-star the mission and task 24 requires 3-star on all missions. So I'm thinking about a double 2-bird. Let's see how that will go.

Enter the mission.

Two threats and a 1-battle deploy appears. I'm really afraid that I'll get stuck with a mini-boss and just deploys, which ruins the plan. So I deploy one hero and fight the medium threat. 3 cultists counted to the first task.

Two more deploys pop up, as I suspected. I finish the current deploy and Black Dwarf appears. That's a close call. I deploy Vision and a bruiser, both deploys have 1-battle duration. Then I get the low threat, another 3 cultists counted.

Whew, nothing pops up after the low threat, glad I've deployed twice.

There's a high threat. Task 1 finished.

Task 2 follows, I just sent my 20-min crew, so I go for the bath and come back to see it finished.

Task 3 is no problem, yeah, 'Cuz I'm going to run twice and end today's task there, so I'm going for the main boss. Finished with 2 stars home, but I'm greedy, so another run for the 3rd star and the end of today's adventure.

The second run is different. A high threat after the first medium. So I'll go no-deploy this time.

Note: Baron Mordo summons Blackheart after he was defeated, so be careful!

Task 4 and 5 finished! Research going on, and it'll be more fun tomorrow!

Day 2

Research finished, but the flight deck is not. Doesn't matter anyway, I'll get to task 11 today.

7. Use 3 Cosmic Power Cells in combat

8. Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1

9. Fight 5 PVP Battles

10. Use Drax's "Obliterate" 3 Times

Use Drax's "Cry for Blood" 2 Times

11. Create the Kinetic Blade Mk I in the Lab

So, we have to use Drax today, who is a team-up in mission 2. Then I'll do everything in Mission 2 to save time and energy.

Task 7 is finished in one battle. Used She-Hulk to double turns and double the cell, then agent targeted and use the third. Complete.

Task 8 is finished beforehand.

Task 9 is PvP. Nothing new, since it don't have to be a victory. Completed.

Task 10 is to use Drax's L1 and L2 abilities. He's a team-up in the first mini-boss you encounter. So just get in and finish it. Completed.

Research On! Coming back tomorrow.

Day 3

Research finished! Going straight for another 5 tasks.

Task 12: Collect 25 UISOs

Task 13: Use 4 distress calls

Task 14: Defeat Nebula

Task 15: Use Star-Lord's abilities.

Task 12-13 is nothing, it's banana peeling. Task 14 is a little trickier, as I face Proxima Midnight as well (and Nebula is full-on opportunist), but Rocket bring me to victory along Star-Lord. I re-run the mission for task 15. Chrono Accelerator for 2 Quantum Leaps. Actually no need to do that, since Peter Qu...Star-Lord give extra turns anyway. Research time!

Day 4

Finally the research ended. Let's get on with the next task set!

Task 17: Get 2 star mastery on Mission 2

Task 18: Use Groot's L1 thrice and L2 twice.

Task 19: Win 3 PvP battles.

Task 20: Use Gamora's L1 thrice and L2 once.

Task 17 is auto-finished. Going to do 18 on Mission 3. It's a hard time. Groot was defeated and went into the pot for whole 2 rounds while Black Dwarf strikes, but I made it. Task 18 completed. PvP is the same QuickLocke I can easily handle. Task 19 completed. Task 20 is to use Gamora, but I already have her, so I'll do it in the simulator. That's 20 tasks completed! Research On!

Day 5

The last day. I've stocked some UISO and is ready to go on more runs on Mission 3 and finish things.

Task 21: Research the gear piece.

Task 22: Defeat Ronan

Task 23: Use Rocket's abilities.

Task 24: Get 3 Star Mastery in all SO missions.

Task 25: Defeat Epic BOss Skadi.

I already opened Ronan before today, so I take him on immediately and it's finished. That's Task 22. There are few threats left around, so I bring Rocket in and use all those abilities. Run the epic, get the gear piece (WOW!), and get 2 stars. Going on another run to get 3 stars, and final run on Skadi. That's all the tasks. Star-Lord recruited!

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