• Bashinthegreat

    Hi, readers. Bashinthegreat here. It has been quite a long time since I first step into this wiki. So I want to make a mark in here in case I have to leave or be away, that I'm not just info-absorbers.

    Now, let's get started. Task list is on, so I'm not going to wait.

    As everyone does, it's going to be 6 tasks today.

    Task 1: Take out 8 OctaCircular cultists.

    Task 2: 2x Flight Deck missions.

    Task 3: Defeat Black Dwarf, a giant dwarf.

    Task 4: Recover Black Bolt, who is mind-controlled by Supergiant the slim giant, which means we have to defeat her.

    Task 5: Defeat Baron Mordo, this one is psychologically manipulated by Ebony Maw.

    Task 6: Regular plain-old 8hr research.

    That makes 6 tasks. Just take on bosses and do miscellanous stuffs. But task 8 requ…

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