I have almost 800 CPs right now and nothing to do with them. Im sure when Season 2 gets here ill have heroes to buy and I know Emma and Magik are coming along with Red Hulk. I wish they wouldnt lock heroes, if anything just make them purchasable for more CPs. Its hard enough to compete in PvP(ill probably rant about PvP another time) with the cheaters but I cant even match higher ranking players PvP bonus.

I know people will say:

1. You should have played the SO and won them.

Well I used to play this game way before SO and PvP became a thing but I didnt spend money on this game at all and I didnt know about farming so getting heroes was really hard and I quit for a while. I came back at some point during SO3. I could not unlock any heroes till SO9 because I would ALWAYS get to the final task and couldnt beat the Epic Boss because I didnt have the heroes for the deploys.

2. You should have bought them when they were available for purchase.

I didnt spend money at the times SO heroes were released for sale nor did I farm for CPs. I also still had to unlock quite a bit of heroes that were 90 and 135 CP before I moved on to saving 200CP for a character. Now that I farm a lot and have spent money, all the heroes are locked.

I also dont get why Hank, Havok and Vision have yet to be released and their SO have been over for quite a while and every other SO hero was released for sale after their SO ended. If they lock released SO heroes and charge more why lock them and not PvP heroes who are cheaper and release faster? Whats the deal?

If anyone reads my rants id be surprised. I know this game has a lot of issues and people cry about them nonstop but I love this game and I play it daily I just want to express my feelings maybe talk to people about these isues and hope PD fixes everything wrong woth this game. I know its all about money for them but I just want to enjoy this game for free.

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