• Ballamjp88

    Heroic Battle Help

    August 2, 2013 by Ballamjp88
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  • Ballamjp88

    Rant: One

    June 22, 2013 by Ballamjp88


    I have almost 800 CPs right now and nothing to do with them. Im sure when Season 2 gets here ill have heroes to buy and I know Emma and Magik are coming along with Red Hulk. I wish they wouldnt lock heroes, if anything just make them purchasable for more CPs. Its hard enough to compete in PvP(ill probably rant about PvP another time) with the cheaters but I cant even match higher ranking players PvP bonus.

    I know people will say:

    1. You should have played the SO and won them.

    Well I used to play this game way before SO and PvP became a thing but I didnt spend money on this game at all and I didnt know about farming so getting heroes was really hard and I quit for a while. I came back at some point during SO3. I could not u…

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