So I saw a forum post made by Superex, in which he proposed adding a poll asking players to rate the hero on each hero page. While I do not think something like this belongs on the Wiki's actual hero pages (for a few reasons), I do think it would be fun to have a survey asking people to rate the various heroes.

In light of this, I have taken the liberty to start a survey. If you could take the time to fill it out I think it would be interesting to see the results. When we have a large enough sample size, I will analyze the results and post my analysis.

A few things I need to say about this, please read these before adding your rankings.

1. The results will only represent us players' opinions for the current meta. As soon as Playdom start changing things and adding new heroes, this will rapidly lose it's relevance. I am well aware of this, I am doing this strictly for fun and out of a cocktail of curiosity and boredom.

2. The rating will be for PVP offensive team only. Please do not rank a hero on the basis of PvE affectivity, unlocking missions, obtainable gear or having the AI not use them well on defense.

3. When rating a hero that has multiple alts and\or classes available, chose the one you consider the best for PVP and rate that one. It would be extremely tedieous to have a separate question for each possible alt. I know this is not perfect, but I think it's good enough.

4. Please only rate if you have a real idea of the hero's worth. For example, if you have Loki at level 5 ATM, you don't really know how good he is, please don't rate on a hunch.

5. Please only send your rankings once. I am not putting any security in place to prevent answering multiple times, please don't tamper with the results.

So, after all that, here is a link to the survey.

Thank you for participating.

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