I bet many of you have already thought about it, and many of you wait for it and I'm not the only one who already done this scenario in their heads (and maybe there is already a blog or post about it here [I could not find it]) but I will write down my Silver Surfer related SpecOps here, and now.

Now that Marvel: Avengers Alliance opened its cosmic phase in the game, sooner or later we are going to have Silver Surfer in the game. I hope it will be through a Special Operation but I do not know when are we going to see it.


The Recruitable Hero: Silver Surfer

The Main Villain: Galactus

Bosses: Heralds of Galactus (Terrax, Firelord)

Team-Ups: Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer

Mission 1: The Fantastic Four vs. Silver Surfer

Looters and pillagers take advantage of the chaos and panic caused by the Surfer, so they will be our minions. Mini-bosses could be Madam Masque, Hammerhead. The boss fight: Silver Surfer.

Team Ups: Thing for Hammerhead, Human Torch for Surfer, Invisible Woman for Masque

At the end of the boss fight, SS makes up his mind and decides to help Earth, Uatu (NPC) appears and warns the Helicarrier that Galactus approaches.

Mission 2: The Heralds of Galactus

Terrax and Firelord is sent to Earth. At the end of boss fights, they flee.

Team Ups: Silver Surfer vs. Heralds

Epic Boss: Dr. Doom

Deploys: [PvP hero next in line], Squirrel Girl, Mr. Fantastic

Mission 3: The Great Destroyer

Galactus has started to devour our world. Terrax and Firelord are mini-bosses and Galactus will be the big boss.

I think that because of the size of Galactus, the fight could take place on a rooftop or something and only show the upper body of his during it.

Team Ups: Silver Surfer

At the end of the fight, our heroes stand victorious but the Devourer cannot be beaten so easily. He withdraws, calls back his heralds and punishes the Surfer by trapping him here on Earth by erecting a cosmic energy barrier around the planet.


I hope you like my ideas for the event and your comments are welcome.

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