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    The Devourer of Worlds

    September 22, 2013 by Bakoszili

    I bet many of you have already thought about it, and many of you wait for it and I'm not the only one who already done this scenario in their heads (and maybe there is already a blog or post about it here [I could not find it]) but I will write down my Silver Surfer related SpecOps here, and now.

    Now that Marvel: Avengers Alliance opened its cosmic phase in the game, sooner or later we are going to have Silver Surfer in the game. I hope it will be through a Special Operation but I do not know when are we going to see it.

    The Recruitable Hero: Silver Surfer

    The Main Villain: Galactus

    Bosses: Heralds of Galactus (Terrax, Firelord)

    Team-Ups: Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer

    Mission 1: The Fantastic Four vs. Silver Surfer

    Looters and pillagers take advantage of …

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  • Bakoszili


    It would be really cool if on the Halloween SO the recruitable hero would be Blade, and a villain would be Morbius the Living Vampire, who could be later on recruited by lockboxes and thus creating the Midnight Sons. I mean we already has Dr. StrangeDaimon and Ghost Rider and we need more of those supernatural and demonic heroes and villains. I think it really fits on the occasion too. The goons could be vampires etc. It would be fun I guess.

    Mission 1 could have ghoul minions, maybe redesigned Maggia goons and the boss could be Deacon Frost with Blade Team-Up. Mission 2 vampires with Dr. Voodoo Team-Up (not boss T-U), the boss Morbius the Living Vampire (in the conversation before the fight he could be arguing th…

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