Monica Rambeau

Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan)


White Tiger (Ava Ayala)

Winter Soldier (100% sure he's coming on Cap 3)



Xavin (from the Runaways. It'd be neat to have all the powers of the F4 in one)

Kaine (he could be an addition to the webbed/bleeder team, or they could go somewhere like Angela with his Mark of Kaine. Plus if they give him the stealth suit he could be a scrapper/infiltrator)

DONE: Miles Morales (again, could be Peter Parker MK2 or they could give him an evasion passive like Invisible Woman's and exploit his venom strikes)


Falcon: I'd like him to get the classic red costume, or his new Captain America costume

Winter Soldier: if Falcon can't be Cap, I'd like him to be

DONE: Vision, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch: I'd like them to get an Avengers costume from Age of Ultron

Storm: her mohawk costume is really cool

Medusa, Crystal, She-Hulk: I'd like them to get a Fantastic Four costume, with new FF team bonuses

Punisher, Agent Venom: Thunderbolts' costumes


A debuff that, when you hit a target with it, you gain it's class bonus. Like, attack a blaster, gain focused attacks; attack a tactician, get an extra turn, etc.

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