Spider-Man is my favourite hero since I don't remember when. Thus it pains me greatly that he's been left so behind on the Useful-for-PVP scale. Let's see if we could remedy that:

New Passive: Spider-Sense: chance to avoid an attack and gain an extra turn.

L1: applies Webbed which now stack up to twice, and Incapacitation

L2: New Attack: Spider Tracer: 1 hit, Single-Target, 2 round cooldown, applies Hobbled and Impaired

L6: Desperation Attack, Deadly Crits, Exploit Stun. Has Way of the Spider: removes stacks of Webbed on the opponent to do more damage.

L9: Applies Dizzy and Staggered, 30% Stun, increases 20% for every stack of Webbed on the target.

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