I remember, upon her release, Psylocke was everywhere. She continues to be somewhat present desite being nerfed and surpassed in her abilities by the likes of Sabretooth and Ares. So here's what I'd do to fix that

New Passive: Mental Protector: chance to spawn a mental shield on an ally before they're attacked

L1: Instead of Weak Mind it causes Mind Scramble: chance to cause Blinded, Cower, Disoriented, Distraction, Intimidated, Mind Control, Migraine, Shell Shocked or Weak Mind which are would all be changed to Psychic Debuffs. Does not consume Psionic Shadow anymore

L2: no idea. come back later

L6: Shield now recharges stamina as long as it's active

L9: Instead of Mental Prowess it has Mind Breaker: exploits Mind Scramble

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