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    Heroic Reworks

    October 12, 2015 by Bagatrix

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  • Bagatrix

    So, these are the heroes + Alts + E/A-Isos I have:

    LVL 14

    Captain America w/ tact CSR and gen AoU alts unlocked + E-Iso and A-Iso

    Tact P5 Cyclops

    Blaster Modern Strange w/ Siphoning E-Iso and Phasing A-Iso

    Inf Swashcrawler w/ E-Iso

    Spider-Man w/ both E-Iso and A-Iso + Inf FF bought

    Blaster Modern Thor + E-Iso and both A-Iso

    Inf Famine w/ E-Iso + modern alt unlocked

    Magik w/ E-Iso and A-Iso + alt unlocked

    Valkyrie w/ A-Iso

    Havok w/ A-Iso

    Bruiser War w/ E-Iso

    Black Knight

    Vision w/ Flaring A-Iso

    LVL 13

    Iron Man w/ both MK 43 unlocked, Veronica unlocked + both E-Iso

    Tact Heroic Hawkeye w/ Nocking E-Iso

    Inv Woman

    Iron Fist w/ A-Iso

    Black Panther

    Scrap Blue Quicksilver

    Omega Sentinel w/ E-Iso



    Bruiser Death




    LVL 12

    Tact Grey Widow

    Bruiser P…

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  • Bagatrix


    Monica Rambeau

    Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan)


    White Tiger (Ava Ayala)

    Winter Soldier (100% sure he's coming on Cap 3)



    Xavin (from the Runaways. It'd be neat to have all the powers of the F4 in one)

    Kaine (he could be an addition to the webbed/bleeder team, or they could go somewhere like Angela with his Mark of Kaine. Plus if they give him the stealth suit he could be a scrapper/infiltrator)

    DONE: Miles Morales (again, could be Peter Parker MK2 or they could give him an evasion passive like Invisible Woman's and exploit his venom strikes)


    Falcon: I'd like him to get the classic red costume, or his new Captain America costume

    Winter Soldier: if Falcon can't be Cap, I'd like him to be

    DONE: Vision, Quicksilver & Sca…

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  • Bagatrix

    Psylocke Revamp

    April 5, 2014 by Bagatrix

    I remember, upon her release, Psylocke was everywhere. She continues to be somewhat present desite being nerfed and surpassed in her abilities by the likes of Sabretooth and Ares. So here's what I'd do to fix that

    New Passive: Mental Protector: chance to spawn a mental shield on an ally before they're attacked

    L1: Instead of Weak Mind it causes Mind Scramble: chance to cause Blinded, Cower, Disoriented, Distraction, Intimidated, Mind Control, Migraine, Shell Shocked or Weak Mind which are would all be changed to Psychic Debuffs. Does not consume Psionic Shadow anymore

    L2: no idea. come back later

    L6: Shield now recharges stamina as long as it's active

    L9: Instead of Mental Prowess it has Mind Breaker: exploits Mind Scramble

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  • Bagatrix

    Spider-Man Revamp

    August 15, 2013 by Bagatrix

    Spider-Man is my favourite hero since I don't remember when. Thus it pains me greatly that he's been left so behind on the Useful-for-PVP scale. Let's see if we could remedy that:

    New Passive: Spider-Sense: chance to avoid an attack and gain an extra turn.

    L1: applies Webbed which now stack up to twice, and Incapacitation

    L2: New Attack: Spider Tracer: 1 hit, Single-Target, 2 round cooldown, applies Hobbled and Impaired

    L6: Desperation Attack, Deadly Crits, Exploit Stun. Has Way of the Spider: removes stacks of Webbed on the opponent to do more damage.

    L9: Applies Dizzy and Staggered, 30% Stun, increases 20% for every stack of Webbed on the target.

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