Professor X

I love Professor X and the X men and I really want him to be a playable hero/ character in this game, here's what I think he will be like if he is a playable hero. I know that my editing skills suck and theres so much more playable hero blogs in this wiki, so this is just me dreaming and it is just for fun :D. You can not like this blog and you can correct me in the comments section but please don't give me rude or discouraging comments please. THANK YOU :D. Btw, sorry about the lack of pictures, i don't know how to add them into this blog :P.

Professor X

Class: Tactician

File:Professor X Dialogue.png|Dialogue Artwork


  • X- Men
  • X- Force

Cost and Requirements :

  • Completing Season 2 Chapter 2


Charles Francis Xavier had a dream, where mutants and humans lived together in perfect harmony and peace, as equals and used his family's fortune to found Xavier's School for Girted Youngsters, the X- Men, New Mutants, and even Generation X, to see this dream through. Losing the use of his legs, Xavier never let his weakness hold him back from his goals. Born with psychic abilities, he is arguably the most powerful telepath on the planet. Teaching his students to use their new found powers safely and with responsibility.


Mind Control

  • All of Professor X's attacks/ abilities against enemy have a 15% chance to inflict Mind Control

Mental Shield

  • Immune to psychic attacks and effects

Psychic Attack

  • All of Professor X attacks/ abilities are psychic attack
  • Ignores most evation, shield, counter and protect effects


lvl 1 Disable

Stamina Cost: 10%

Target: [All Enemies]

Cooldown: N/A

  1. of Hits: 1

Hit/ Critcal: 99%/ 15%

Type: Pyschic Range

Damage: 600- 700 (lvl 300)

  • Professor X damages and filled his target's mind with fear, causing his enemies' next attack to deal no damage to Professor X only.



  • This unit's next attack against Professor X deals no damage

lvl 2 Read Mind [One Enemy]

Stamina Cost: 25%

Target: [One Enemy]

Cooldown: 1 Rounds

# of Hits: 1

Hit/ Critcal: 97%/ 15%

Type: Pyschic Range

Damage: 0 (lvl 300)

  • Professor X reads his target's mind, predicting his target's next move. Also inflicts weak point.



  • This unit's next attack can not be stealthy or sutble and this unit can only use the attack/ ability that Professor X predicts.

lvl 6 Unleash Potential

Stamina Cost: 15%

Target: [All Allies]

Cooldown: 3 Rounds

# of Hits: N/A

Hit/ Critcal: N/A

Type: Buff

  • Professor X buff his allies giving them increase stats and allowing their attacks to hit and crit. (last 2 round)


Potential Unlocked:

  • This unit have increased stats and their attacks are guaranted to hit and crit

lvl 9. Sleep!

Stamina Cost: 30%

Target: [All Enemies]

Cooldown: 3 Rounds

# of Hits: 1

Hit/ Critcal: 100%/ 0%

Type: Range Psychic

  • Professor X signals all enemies to sleep causing them to lose next round.


Quick Action



  • This unit is sleeping, all attacks against this unit will deal increased damge and it is guaranted to hit, but it will wake the target.


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