Emma Frost-Modern

Emma Forst disable the advantage of infiltrators.

The adventage of this class is to get 2 moves, which I think is really cool. The disaventage of this class is that they recieve a counter- attack after attacking a infiltrator and it gain combat reflexes. There are some exceptions because for example if you are using Emma Forst, the physic attack ignores the counter- attack effect and protect effect. Also the new character, Beast disable the adventage of all classes and so it is good when teaming up with him.


The adventage of this class is to critical hit bruiser and ignores defence but the disaventage of this class is that all tactician can attack twice when attack a blaster. This class I think is the worst class because the adventage and the disaventage is not balanced. You can't prevent this effect and so I think blasters are best to team up with beast or heroes that can protect them.


Kitty Pryde-Classic X-Men

The combat reflex works perfectly on her!

The adventage of this class is to counter-attack all attack after attacking or attacked by a tatician. This is a good effect because it last 2 rounds and it works perfectly on Kitty Pyride and Spiderman. Kitty Pyride is the only hero that take advantage to her class but can sometimes evade the disaventage of the class. She can counter scrappers but she won't take damge from them because she is phased, also counter attack doesn't remove her phased effect and that is very good.


The adventage of bruiser is that you get enraged when attack or attack by a scarpper. The enraged stack is similar to the effect super herotic and that is a very good effect. The enraged effect increases the heroes attack and defence. The only disaventage is that they can be killed easily by a blaster, blasters ignores defence and so the enraged is useless againts blasters.

Fri 18 Jan 2013

The enraged now increase all stat and it works really well, blaster's ignore defence is not that useful now


Within theses few weeks, scarpper became the most popular class. The scarpper adventage is to double attack a infiltrator and any the enemy if the hero have close quater combat effect. I always forgot this class before deadpool appears, I don't have a scapper and so I can't write about it.

Wed 14 Nov 2012

With the help of RG, I can add something more:

Tactician's extra attack/action uses Stamina, so you can burn through stamina REALLY quickly if you're not careful. Where as a Scrapper's Follow-Up Attack doesn't use any Stamina, which can be a great thing.


Sun 16 Dec 2012

To finish this blog, I've been using scarppers this month. I notice that scrapper's disadventage is not bad if u have ingore defence or melt armor but you can't control what is your next follow up attack. For example, if I am using iron fist, I can't use the attack "The Iron Fist" After "K'un L'un Combo". I want to use the attack "K'un L'un Combo" first because "The Iron Fist" can deal extra damage against target with combo set up that is infilt by the attack "K'un L'un Combo". Scrappers only follow up attack their first attack and that is not very good.


The beast disable all the advantage of classes

Noting special about this class, this is the safest class but you have to give up the adventage of the other classes. The beast disable all the adventage of classes and so he is a good hero to team up with.

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