Hey guys, I'm BLUH!

Right now's the christmas season, and as we all know, the best part about Christmas is giving (or recieving :P).

So I decided to give out a little contest for $20 in FB credits.

Details Below!



What is this gonna turn into/How to enter

  • What is the battle nexus?

If you guys are familiar with it, go ahead to next part.

If not(btw, I just copied this from the TMNT wiki...):

The Battle Nexus was a "nexus" of dimensions connecting many different worlds, including Earth (called dimension "Third Earth" by the Gyoji) and the Triceraton homeworld. It was the home of the Battle Nexus Tournament, a competition held every three years where the mightiest warriors from numerous galaxies come together and battle to become the champion of the multiverse.

Simply put it's a multiversal tournament. Outta be fun, right?

  • How do I enter?

It's simple: just put in one of your favorite fictional character (not just Marvel characters, btw) in a comment below, and you can put in a link of his/her/its bio (no original characters please). If you want you can add celebrities in there (like HUlk Hogan, or something...)

Here's some guidelines:

  1. No god-like entites (people like Thor are okay, but people like Galactus is a no-no)
  2. You can use alternate reality versions of a character
  3. Make sure your character has some sort of combat potential, this is a tournament for fighting, after all.

Of course, that's just how to enter. How to WIN is a different matter, which will be revealed after entries are closed. It will be related to the tournament's title, by the way.

  • How much time do I have to enter?

You'll have until the 18th 22nd of December to enter, so you should have enough time. No need to rush too much.

  • What's the prize for winning?

Um.. $20 FB credits... I said it in the title...

  • Anything else you want to add?

Have fun, and I think you'll like how you'll be able to win... I hope...


btw, here's some theme music for this event: kewl theme music

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