Hey guys, it's BLUH. Round 3 is here! This will end on 'March 28th' . Let's get started!

Link to hub novelization here

Rules for this round

  • You will be scored, for a maximum of 50 points, based on three factors. They are:
    • The polls
      • The maximum amount of points you can get from the polls is 10, and the points you get from it is based on the % of votes your character has (ie, X has 2 and y has 2, giving both 5 points) Note that, even if you get no votes, you'll still recieve at least 1 point
    • Popularity
      • This is what will help the obscure gets get farther ahead in the tournament. Based on popularity, the character can get up to 10 extra points. What kind of popularity, you ask? Well, that will be obscurity. For example, Goku, who's well known around the interwebs, will get 1 point for popularity, while someone like Detective Chimp will get 8-9
    • The Scenario you come up with
      • In the comments below, I want you to come up with a reasonable scenario as to why your character will win. This is out of a total of 30 points, and 10 points are given for each mini-category:
        • Research
          • You have to show that you have done your work on researching your opponent and your character (Trust me, I'll know when you've done none/biased research), and have a basic understanding of them
        • Plausibility
          • The more plausible it is, the more points it gets
        • Overall enjoyability
          • The more I enjoy it, the more point you can get.
  • Whoever gets the most points, wins!




  • Poll Scores:

Chainer = 2

Mikasa = 8

  • Obscurity Scores:

Chainer = 7

Mikasa = 2

  • Scenario Scores:
    • Chainer




The return of Scrooge!!! Lol, that's a cool detail in this round. Rather entertaining also. Good job. :)

    • Mikasa




Rather fun one, with Mikasa being a badass as usual. I think you went with a little too simple of a magic for Chainer, but that's just me. Really flashy ending, btw (that was a joy to imagine).

  • Chainer total score: 32
  • Mikasa total score: 31

Chainer wins!

An entry for Solomon Kane was made, but nonoe for Mr. Majestic, making Solomon the winner!

Solomon Kane wins!

An entry was made for Michelangelo, but none for Kratos, making Michaelangelo the winner!

  • Poll Scores:

Dr.Strange = 7

Sentry = 3

  • Obscurity Scores:

Dr. Strange = 3

Sentry = 4

  • Scenario Scores:
    • Dr. Strange

Entertainment = 7

Plausibility = 9

Understanding = 8

You stayed rather real with what would happen, Strange having to defend himself from Sentry's blows, along with him having to access the much darker arts to be able to stand up to his blows. And then having him pull out Robert in order to stop the Void is also something that's realistic. Decent job all around.

    • Sentry




I like how Void's taunting Robert as the fight goes, adds a nice touch. I also like how, despite you not making an entry last round, you mention him killing the Witch-King for some drama (if you wouldn't mind, can you perhaps make an optional entry about it ;3)? Fun all around.

  • Dr. Strange total score: 39
  • Sentry total score: 30

Dr. Strange wins!

The good Cap' has a scenario submitted, but none was made for General Grevious, making him the winner!

An entry was made for Charles, but none for Mr. Sinister, making the Proffesor the winner!

  • Poll Scores:

Spike = 4

Tommy = 6

  • Obscurity Scores:

Spike = 4

Tommy = 3

  • Scenario Scores:
    • Spike




Oy... you had a really, REALLY good start-up leading to the fight, but then once Zedd came... oy, I feel some bitterness... (admittedly, though, I did have a chuckle at first at the end, so that's .05 added to entertainment)

    • Tommy




Nice action all around, though I wish there was a bigger fight scene in the end then just the Swordfish zooming around while the Tigerzord tries to hit it. Overall though, fun.

  • Spike Spiegel total score: 29.05
  • Tommy Oliver total score: 29

Spike wins!

Darth Vader has no entry made, but Accelerator does, making him, the winner!

Info about each contestant and which contestant belong to which user can be found here

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