Hey guys, it's BLUH. Round 2 is here! This will end on 'March 8th' . Let's get started!

Link to hub novelization here

Round 3 starting! Link here

Rules for this round

  • You will be scored, for a maximum of 50 points, based on three factors. They are:
    • The polls
      • The maximum amount of points you can get from the polls is 10, and the points you get from it is based on the % of votes your character has (ie, X has 2 and y has 2, giving both 5 points) Note that, even if you get no votes, you'll still recieve at least 1 point
    • Popularity
      • This is what will help the obscure gets get farther ahead in the tournament. Based on popularity, the character can get up to 10 extra points. What kind of popularity, you ask? Well, that will be obscurity. For example, Goku, who's well known around the interwebs, will get 1 point for popularity, while someone like Detective Chimp will get 8-9
    • The Scenario you come up with
      • In the comments below, I want you to come up with a reasonable scenario as to why your character will win. This is out of a total of 30 points, and 10 points are given for each mini-category:
        • Research
          • You have to show that you have done your work on researching your opponent and your character (Trust me, I'll know when you've done none/biased research), and have a basic understanding of them
        • Plausibility
          • The more plausible it is, the more points it gets
        • Overall enjoyability
          • The more I enjoy it, the more point you can get.
  • Whoever gets the most points, wins!




  • Poll score

Chainer = 1

Nico Minoru = 9

  • Obscurity score

Chainer = 5

Nico Minoru = 4

  • Scenario scores
    • Chainer=




Bloody ending, which I enjoy in this situation with , with the rats eating her and all. I believe you were trying to hint something with Nico bleeding everywhere, seeing as how cutting herself activates her powers, so can you clarify this? Otherwise, decent fight with magical powers being used.

    • Nico Minoru=




At first I assumed it was gonna be like Bobby's entry... but then the closing parts had me going


I know you were trying to make a "Monty Python and The Search For The Holy Grail" reference, but it seemed random and out of place. Also, taking your own direction in interpreting things from fiction's fine, but keep it within the laws of that fictional universe.

  • Chainer total score:27
  • Nico Minoru total score:29 was the original score, with the %20 deduction from a late entry it is now (after rounding it off) 23

Chainer wins!

Rambo has no scenario submitted, but Mikasa has one, making Mikasa the winner!

  • Poll score:

Imperix Prime = 6

Solomon Kane= 4

  • Obscurity Score:

Imperix Prime= 4 Solomon Kane = 5

  • Scenario Scores:
    • Imperix Prime

Entertainment= 4

Plausibility= 9

Understanding= 6

Meh... I don't really feel like have a full opinion on this except that it's... well...


    • Solomon Kane

Entertainment= 8

Plausibility= 8

Understanding= 7

Clever. That's how I'd describe it in one word. As stated in the last blog I love it when people use ways that don't necessarily involve directly fighting their opponent... and I think this was the best so far. Kudos

  • Imperix Prime total score: 29
  • Solomon Kane total score: 32

Solomon Kane wins!

Neither has submitted a scenario, so it'll come to polls and obscurity.

  • Poll Score:

Mr. Majestic= 7

The Condensce= 3

  • Obscurity Score:

Majestic = 5

The Condensce=3

  • Mr. Majestic total score:12
  • The Condensce total score:6

Mr. Majestic wins!

Neither has a scenario submitted, so scores will be based on Polls and Obscurity.

  • Poll Scores:

Van-Damme = 2

Kratos = 8

  • Obscurity Scores:

Van-Damme = 4

Kratos = 8

  • Van-Damme total score:6
  • Kratos total score:16

Kratos wins!

  • Poll Scores:

Constantine = 4

Michaleangelo = 6

  • Obscurity Scores:

Constantine = 4


  • Scenario Scores:
    • Constantine




A neat little argument made by John, if only dented by the fact that Michaelangelo has conciousness in all current points in time. Still, it's very nice in displaying not only a great way to win a fight against a time lord (if he wasn't in all time streams, as formerly mentioned), but also a decent lesson to know in life.

    • Michelangelo




A display of his powers after Constantine tried to con him into giving him a win. Rather simple, not much to say here.

  • Constantine total score: 29
  • Michaelangelo total score: 35

Michaleangelo wins!

A scenario was made for Dr. Strange, but none was submitted for Magneto, giving Strange the win!

Neither has an entry submitted, so it all comes down to Polls and Obscurity

  • Poll Scores:

Witch-King = 3

Sentry = 7

  • Obscurity Scores:

Witch-King = 3

Sentry = 3

  • Witch-King total score: 6
  • Senty total score: 10

Sentry wins!

Neither has an entry submitted, so decisions are made on polls and obscurity!

  • Poll Scores:

General Grevious = 6

Marth = 4

  • Obscurity Scores:

General Grevious = 2

Marth = 3

  • General Grevious total score: 8
  • Marth total score: 7

General grevious wins!

  • Poll score

Captain America = 7

Lobo = 3

  • Obscurity score

Captain America = 1

Lobo = 3

  • Scenario scores
    • Captain America=




Rather entertaining, using an inner monologue in his head to illustrate. If you make it to the next round (not gonna spoil anything until you get to the bottom of the tab;p) I'd be greatly interested in what you have to show in said next round. (quick note, you have 7.75 in entertainment because that "YAY" was so glaringly out of place and it bothered me so much.)

    • Lobo=

Entertainment = 7

Plausibility = 7

Understanding = 7

Entertaining, with its elevator music and Batman joke, but it seems a little... rushed. Perhaps a bit of polish would've helped it out to make it an even better entry.

  • Captain America total score:28.75
  • Lobo total score:27

Captain America wins!

Neither has an Entry submitted, so it will come to polls and obscurity

  • Poll score

Mr.Sinister = 7

Altair = 3

  • Obscurity score

Mr.Sinister = 3

Altair = 2

  • Mr.Sinister total score:10
  • Altair total score:5

Mr. Sinister wins!

  • Poll score

Lord Zedd = 2

Charles Xavier = 8

  • Obscurity score

Lord Zedd = 3

Charles Xavier = 1

  • Scenario scores
    • Lord Zedd=

Entertainment = 8

Plausibility = 7

Understanding = 6

I love your Scenario, as it's just Zedd being, ya know, Zedd. Ah, memories of good old, cheesy 90's Power Rangers... anyway, good action overall, just a little bit of drama would've made it better (i.e. Zedd gets arrogant and makes a monster out of Charles' chair or something , but then Charles mind-controls the monster).

    • Charles Xavier=

Entertainment = 8

Plausibility = 4

Understanding = 7

Considering your last entry, I did not see something like this coming. Really funny, along with that neat little thing you had in the end (Who am I really? I really do wanna know...). Just kinda far-fetched.

  • Lord Zedd total score:26
  • Xavier total score:28

Charles Xavier wins!

  • Poll score

Sherlock Holmes = 8

Spike Spiegel = 2

  • Obscurity score

Spike Spiegel = 3

Sherlock Holmes = 2

  • Scenario scores
    • Spike Spiegel=

Entertainment = 8

Plausibility = 8

Understanding = 7

If I'm to be honest, I'm a little disappointed this round. You did do a great idea, but then it came out rushed in the end. Still, you did do a decent amount of work for this, and it's still fun, I just wished you came up with more specific things happening in it (I.e., who catches who, how they caught them etc.)

    • Sherlock Holmes=




Okay, I think I see what you were trying to do, but there are only two different reactions that your scenario can get

  1. "Wow! I wonder what Sherlock did to beat Spike? Gosh, that was neat!"
  2. lyYm0nA.jpg

Guess which one was my reaction? No offence meant at all, but you probably should've went with something else instead (i.e. Flashback to what happened; or have him in a moment of suspense, cut to future, then show how he survived...)

  • Spike Spiegel total score:28
  • Sherlock Holmes total score:23

Spike Spigel wins!

  • Poll score

Tommy Oliver = 7

Rick Deckard = 3

  • Obscurity score

Tommy Oliver = 2

Rick Deckard = 4

  • Scenario scores
    • Tommy Oliver=

Entertainment = 5

Plausibility = 5

Understanding = 7

It's really neat of you to use both the theory that Rick's a replicant and then using that as a way to win without exactly fighting... but it doesn't exactly feel like something Tommy Oliver would do. I do like how you did it in the middle of a fight instead of doing it straight up in the beginning, as that would seem more likely, but it still doesn't really feel in character. Maybe if something else happened (like Saba couldn't cut through Rick's arm after when Tommy accidentally hit him), it would be more likely to happen.

    • Rick Deckard=

Entertainment = 7

Plausibility = 4

Understanding = 7

The quip at the start of your entry making fun of the cheesy tropes used in Power Rangers had me laughing a good bit at first and I really did enjoy how you made fun of the tropes used in Power Rangers, but this is a tournament where you fight against other characters, not a roasting. Still a fun read, just gotta keep that in mind.

  • Tommy Oliver total score:27
  • Rick Deckard total score:25

Tommy Oliver wins!

Neither side has made a scenario, so it all comes down to poll and obscurity scores:

  • Poll Scores:


Darth Vader=7

  • Obscurity Scores


Darth Vader=1

  • Luffy total score: 5
  • Vader total score: 8

Vader wins!

  • Poll score

Accelerator = 4

Wander = 6

  • Obscurity score

Accelerator = 5

Wander = 3

  • Scenario scores
    • Accelerator=

Entertainment = 7

Plausibility = 7

Understanding = 5

Rather entertaining, but I want to note that Wander isn't really cruel as he may seem from killing all of the innocent colossus (except Dirge... that thing's a jerk...), but rather willing to do whatever he needs. I wouldn't see him insulting people or smiling when something (i.e., his opponent, Accelerator) may die. Other than that, though, decent job all around.

    • Wander=




Well, not much to say here. 'Least you were honest in your title. Just more effort would've been good :P.

  • Accelerator total score:28
  • Wander total score:27

Accelerator wins!

Info about each contestant and which contestant belong to which user can be found here

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