Hey guys, it's BLUH. As you can see, the blogs kinda changed up a bit.

This is because I'm gonna change the format of my tournament each round (maybe)

Anyway, back to your regular blog stuffs.

Link to hub novelization here


Rules for this round

  1. As mentioned above, there will be stories to go along based on results
  2. The winners will be decided in polls, however, given that I'm going to write stories based on this, I'd encourage to vote for the people who you want to see matched up against each other, rather than instantly your favourites
  3. Rounds will go on for approximately a week before closing
  4. Expect a lot of blue text to appear :P
  5. Anything else, go to here

So now that's over.... right?


There's more to this tournament then just the polls, there's also this:

  • You will be scored, for a maximum of 50 points, based on three factors. They're are:
    • The polls
      • The maximum amount of points you can get from the polls is 10, and the points you get from it is based on the % of votes your character has (ie, X has 2 and y has 2, giving both 5 points) Note that, even if you get no votes, you'll still recieve at least 1 point
    • Popularity
      • This is what will help the obscure gets get farther ahead in the tournament. Based on popularity, the character can get up to 10 extra points. What kind of popularity, you ask? Well, that will be obscurity. For example, Goku, who's well known around the interwebs, will get 1 point for popularity, while someone like Detective Chimp will get 8-9
    • The Scenario you come up with
      • In the comments below, I want you to come up with a reasonable scenario as to why your character will win. This is out of a total of 30 points, and 10 points are given for each mini-category:
        • Research
          • You have to show that you have done your work on researching your opponent and your character (Trust me, I'll know when you've done none/biased research), and have a basic understanding of them
        • Plausibility
          • The more plausible it is, the more points it gets
        • Overall enjoyability
          • The more I enjoy it, the more point you can get.
  • Whoever gets the most points, wins!

Now that it's ACTUALLY over..." ON TO ROUND 1!



Chainer has an entry submitted, but Scrooge Mcduck doesn't, making Chainer the winner!

Nico has a scenario submitted, but Kid Omega doesn't, making her the winner!

Neither has submitted a scenario, which leaves the scoring to the other 2 factors. Poll score



Obscurity score



As you can see, No-Girl just missed a point she would've needed to make it to the next round. While she is an under appreciated character, imo, she had gathered something that I feel is akin to cult followings. SO she still gets a good amount in obscurity, and Rambo is really only unknown to the people who aren't too into movies.

Randy Savage has no scenario submitted, but Mikasa has one, making Mikasa the winner!

Dante has no scenario submitted, but Imperix Prime does, making Imperix Prime the winner.

  • Poll score:

Ben 10= 5

Solomon Kane= 5

  • Obscurity Score:

Ben 10= 2

Solomon Kane = 5

  • Scenario Scores:
    • Ben 10

Entertainment= 7

Plausibility= 4

Understanding= 3

While I was entertained by the action all around... you really got Solomon wrong, not just in character, but in his abilities and what he does. If you got it right, your overall score would definitely be higher, as I can't help but cringe a little at how wrong you got his character.

    • Solomon Kane

Entertainment= 8

Plausibility= 6

Understanding= 6

I really like how you did something else beyond a straight-up fight, as you were able to keep your guy in character. My real only issue here is that I don't know if Ben would go along (quick note: when I upload the novelization of this round, you'll find my comment there ironic lol) with Solomon's words, even if he somehow knew all about him all of a sudden. Still a rather entertaining read, though.

Ben 10 total score: 21 Solomon Kane total score:27

Solomon Kane wins!

Majestor Majestic has his scenario submitted, but Abigail Brand has "reasons" (y Darbs XP). Making Mr. Majestic the winner!

  • Poll Score:

Anivia= 6

The Condensce= 5

  • Obscurity Score:

Anivia= 3

The Condensce=3

  • Scenario Scores:
    • Anivia

Entertainment = 6

Plausibility = 6

Understanding = 6

Rather simple display of both of their powers, and I enjoyed it, I just wish you did a little more with it.

    • The Condensce




Again, like above, it's a rather simple display, but with a little more detail than above. LIke above, I wish you could've done a little more.

  • Anivia total score:27
  • The Condensce total score:28

The Condensce wins!

Neither has submitted a scenario, so it comes down to the other two scores

  • Poll score

Jean Claude Van-Damme=7

Ronnie James Dio=3

  • Obscurity score

Jean Claude Van-Damme=3

Ronnie James Dio=3

Both were realtively popular in their time, and, while not as well known today, they still have some people talking about them, so obscurity scores would be even. That leaves the poll scores, which is what makes Van-Damme the winner!

Kratos has an entry, but Strider's is merely "reasons", giving Kratos an automatic win.

  • Poll Scores:

John Constantine=3

Spiderman 2099=7

  • Obscurity Scores:

John Constantine=4

Spiderman 2099=4

  • Scenario Scores:
    • John Constantine




I always applaud when someone finds a way to win that doesn't involve directly fighting their opponent, especially if it involves them taking their time to find an incantation that specifically shrivel someone's testes.

    • Spiderman 2099




Again, I do like it when people find an alternate way to make their characters win, but this felt like this was lacking a little... something. Maybe some more wit or dialouge would've made it better/ a masterpiece.

  • John Constantine total score: 28
  • Spiderman 2099 total score: 28

Again, it's time for a flip of the coin- Heads for Constantine, Tails for Spiderman

And with the flip... I got heads

John Constantine wins!

  • Poll Scores:



  • Obscurity Scores:



  • Scenario Scores:
    • Michaelangelo




Like a lot of the other ones, a simple display of powers. Not much I can say here, except that the .25 in entertainment's because of the finishing touches with a paint brush.

    • Wolverine




I do see where you were going with this.. but it was kinda lost with the way you presented it. Perhaps making it more dialogue oriented instead of actions would've been a better route.

  • Michaelangelo total score: 30.25
  • Wolverine total score: 24

Michaleangelo wins!

Neither has a scenario submitted, but Magneto has "reasons" submitted, making him winner.

A scenario was made for Dr. Strange, but none was submitted for Spiderman, giving Strange the win!

  • Poll scores:

Jigsaw: 3

Witch King: 7

  • Obscurity scores:

Jigsaw= 2

Witch King= 2

  • Scenario scores:
    • Jigsaw




Wow, you really did put some work into this. I liked how you also added in Jigsaw's apprentices in too. Overall, pretty entertaining, it just could've been perfect with some dialouge

    • Witch King




Like above, you did a great job and the same critiques apply. You just missed .10 points do to my OCD not approving of an inanimate puppet crapping its pants (seriously doe, gewd jawb).

  • Jigsaw total score: 29
  • Witch King of Angmar total score: 33.90

The Witch King of Angmar wins!

Goku has no scenario submitted, but Sentry has, giving Sentry an automatic win.

  • Poll score:

Saxton Hale= 2

General Grevious= 8

  • Obscurity score

Saxton Hale= 3

General Grevious= 2

  • Scenario score
    • Saxton Hale:

Entertainment= 8

Plausibility= 7

Understanding= 6

I LOOOVVEEE Saxton Hale to death (seriously, you don't know how much I wanted to rig this), and you entertained me all the way through. Good job, only issue is, like a majority of the other entries (imo), it's not having a full understandning of the other character.

    • General Grevious

Entertainment= 8

Plausibility= 7

Understanding= 8

You did well in making this, and I honestly think this could've been perfect if you got in Dialogue from Saxton Hale (seriously, any kinda of dialogue from him is glorious*).

  • Saxton Hale total score:26
  • General Grievous total score:33

General Grievous wins!

*note: I realize I am overglorifying Saxton Hale

Marth has a scenario submitted, but Iceman doesn't, making Marth the winner.

Captain America has a scenario submitted, but Skarlath does not, making Cap the winner.

A scenario has been submitted for Lobo, but none for Silver Surfer, making Lobo the winner!

Neither has submitted a scenario, but "reasons" were given for Mr. Sinister, making Sinister the winner (hey, that rhymes..)

  • Poll score



  • Obscurity score



  • Scenario scores
    • Altair=




You showed some suspense along with a good display of X using *blank*, in a rather clever way. But it kinda threw him into what I feel should be the middle of the battle, where Loki would stop toying with him. I also felt like there was less knavery on Loki's side then there should be.

    • Loki=




Scar... I really don't mean any offence whatsoever... but this is painful... you showed a clear lack of the equipment used by Altair, and then just threw a lame excuse as to why he can't use it... sorry, but it was painful reading it through (I haven't even played Assassins Creed, and I still know what he does).

  • Altair total score:25
  • Loki's total score:19

Altair wins!

Amazo has no Scenario submitted, however, Zedd has "reasons" submitted, giving Lord Zedd the win.

  • Poll score

Charles Xavier=9

Roland Deschain=1

  • Obscurity score

Charles Xavier=2

Roland Deschain=5

  • Scenario scores

Charles Xavier= Entertainment=6



This is pretty much what I expected to happen(in terms of writing and the kind of story). I would've given this a 5 in enteretainment, but the reference to whatever you referenced (even though I don't know what you referenced :P) made me chuckle a little.

Roland Deschain=




I'm... a little lost, to be honest. From what I can gather, the High Speech is merely a form of communication used between the gunslingers, and while that speech would be a little confusing, I don't see why it would send Xavier to a panic. Though everything after that, I see happening.

Xavier total score:31 Roland total score:24

Charles Xavier wins!

A scenario was submitted for Sherlock Holmes, but none was submitted for Ezio, giving Holmes an automatic win.

  • Poll scores:

Spike= 5

Levi= 5

  • Obscurity scores:

Spike= 4

Levi= 2

  • Scenario scores
    • Spike Spigel=

Entertainment= 9

Plausibility= 8

Understanding= 8

...Wow dude... you really put some hard work into this.

From the fist fight in the beginning, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun reading your entry. Kudos, my man.

    • Captain Levi=

Entertainment= 8

Plausibility= 7

Understanding= 6

Good job. Nice action going around overall.very entertaining and a lot of work has been put in it. Great job

  • Spike Spiegel total score:34
  • Captain Levi total score:28

Spike Spiegel wins!

The guy who submitted Detective Chimp ( User:Docbobm ) decided to back out of this tournament, giving Tommy Oliver an automatic win.


A senario was submitted for Rick, however, Deadpool only got "reasons", giving Rick an automatic win.

SLVESTRO entered an entry for Luffy, however, none was submitted for A-Bomb on the other user's side, giving him an automatic win.

Neither side has made a scenario, so it all comes down to poll and obscurity scores: Poll score

Darth Vader=5


Obscurity score

Darth Vader=1


As you can see, they're both equally matched (For obvious reasons). So I did a coin toss- Heads for Batman, Tails for Vader...

I flipped up Tails.

Therefore, Vader wins.

An entry for Accelerator was made, however,none was made for Thanos, giving Accelerator an automatic win.

An entry for Wander was submitted, however, none was made for Dr.Manhatten, giving Wander an automatic win

Info about each contestant and which contestant belong to which user can be found here

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