Hey guys, it's BLUH. Welcome to Round 5! This will end MAY 25th.

Let's get started!

Link to hub novelization here


Rules for this round

  • You will be scored, for a maximum of 50 points, based on three factors. They're are:
    • The polls
      • The maximum amount of points you can get from the polls is 10, and the points you get from it is based on the % of votes your character has (ie, X has 2 and y has 2, giving both 5 points) Note that, even if you get no votes, you'll still recieve at least 1 point
    • Popularity
      • This is what will help the obscure gets get farther ahead in the tournament. Based on popularity, the character can get up to 10 extra points. What kind of popularity, you ask? Well, that will be obscurity. For example, Goku, who's well known around the interwebs, will get 1 point for popularity, while someone like Detective Chimp will get 8-9
    • The Scenario you come up with
      • In the comments below, I want you to come up with a reasonable scenario as to why your character will win. This is out of a total of 30 points, and 10 points are given for each mini-category:
        • Research
          • You have to show that you have done your work on researching your opponent and your character (Trust me, I'll know when you've done none/biased research), and have a basic understanding of them
        • Plausibility
          • The more plausible it is, the more points it gets
        • Overall enjoyability
          • The more I enjoy it, the more point you can get.
  • Whoever gets the most points, wins!




An entry was made for Dr. Strange, but none for Solomon Kane, making Dr. Strange a winner!

Poll score

Captain America=6


Obscurity score

Captain America=1


  • Scenario scores
    • Captain America=




I do indeed see where you're going with this. Redemption, after all, was pretty much the focus of Accelerator's arc in the Anime of his orgin(which I still haven't watched yet, this is from studying wiki and tv tropes pages for a while). The issue I have, though, is that Accelerators "Redemption" is more of a a gradual thing that happens over time, do to him seeing himself as irredeemable. With the way you present your entries, though (with all of the characters living together in one world), I could see Accelerator knowing the kind of person Cap is and would genuinely see that as a sign. Still, I have my issues with it.

    • Accelerator=




It's rather simple, too simple for me, and you left some things that made me question why you mentioned it (the partner for instance). Nothing bad, but it could've been better.

  • Captain America Total Score=26
  • Accelerator total score=26

IT's a TIE! We'll decide with a coin flip (tails for Cap, heads for Accelerator).

And the coin flip is....


Accelerator wins!

Info about each contestant and which contestant belong to which user can be found here

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