The winner is...  User:Bashinthegreat !

But wait! He never submitted a scenario.

Yeah, that's true... so let me tell you why he wins.

User:Regulus22 is not a man who likes to win things by default. However, he also doesn't like forfeiting. So, he made a plea with me here to have User:Bashinthegreat win in an easy way (you can see the terms within the post linked). So I notified User:Bashinthegreat about it here. However, User:Bashinthegreat claims that he'd be unable to comply with one of the terms do to a lack of time. SO I made a further compromise and you can see where this is going. Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed that the tourney's ending like this... Oh well, there's always the next one *cough* entries start in October *cough*