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This is the hub of my Battle Nexus tourney, where you can read the main story, check the results and the like, along with asking general questions. This is just a side-thing now, so you don't have to focus on this too much. 

Now, this is simply just the noveliztion of the tournament. It'll still be updated, just not as often as I originally planned.

Now on to the actual blog!

Quick note, don't be afraid to critique my writing, and if there's any interactions you want with the characters between rounds, go post it in the comments below. Thanks :) .


...The time has finally arrived...

The Ultimate Damiyo walks down the halls of his palace to exit unto the balcony. There, many a warriors from multiple universe stand before him. It is time...

Chapter 1- Round 1

Link to actual blog of Round 1

...24 hours earlier...

About a mile away from the Daimyo's palace was a small hut dubbed the "Passerby Inn". If you were to go inside, however, you would find a large, white, seemingly endless hallway, with hundreds upon thousands of doors leading into large rooms. There were glass-like walls placed in the walls between the hall and the rooms, but nothing lay inside them. Within the halls, two figures in labcoats on a metal platform of sorts zoomed across the hall at immeasurable speeds. 

"Bill, which one'a dem rooms gonna have a portal about ta' open in em'?" A middle aged man with a southern accent yelled, his bald head reflecting each room that passed them by.

A young teenaged man of no older than 16 scratched his blonde hair, while looking down towards a square tablet. "Um... 56-A and 57-A are about to open?" He yelled back in a British accent.

"Was that a question?"

"I don't know, Luscious, the numbers are green  instead of the usual blue!" The tablet was flashing "56-A" and "57-A" across the screen in a light green. (redundancy ftw)

"Well than, we be havin' ourselves our first  double event right here this season." He grinned.

The platform made a sudden stopped, staggering the two riding it. It parked in between two rooms labeled 56-A and 57-A. Inside the rooms, similar spirals of green energy were forming inside. Bill and Luscious stepped off of the platform and preceded into Rooms 56-A and 57-A, respectively. Inside, the spirals started forming black, humanoid forms.

In 56-A, the form was posed in a jumping sideward slash, with a helmeted muscular build and shoulderpads. "There's no way I'll let you win, Ze..." The figure started to say, and it started to land to finish the strike, but stumbled as there was no target. "Where... Where am I?" the figure started to look left and right, confused. Then, color started to fade into the figure, coloring it a opaque white, with gold adorning it's helmet and shoulderpads. It's helmet was stripped, almost like a tiger. 

Bill opened the door,  and  stood there until the armored man took notice. "Welcome Mr....." Bill lifted up the tablet he was holding and maneuvered around the man. He kept doing this until a sudden "ding" rung from the tablet, with a name flashing in yellow across the screen. "Ah! Mr... Tommy Oliver, welcome to the Battle Nexus!" Bill exclaimed excitedly.

"Battle Nexus?" Tommy questioned as he looked around, studying Bill, seeing if he may be a monster in disguise. "And how did you know my name?"  He looked through his helmet sternly, and, somehow, Bill can feel that in his gut. 

Bill tugged on his collar, and was about to speak, when, all of  a sudden a loud clash was heard in the room next to it. "Tell me where I am, else you shall enact the wrath of..."

Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger brought his head up. "I know that voice" He readied his sword, adorned with a tiger head on the handle, and rushed into the next room nearby... Or at least, attempted to. When he tried to exit then room, he slammed into what seems to be an invisible wall. "Why can't I..."

"Excuse me, sir." Bill moved Tommy Oliver out of the way, and passed through the doorway, almost as if Tommy Oliver was simply doing his best mime impression. "This room is currently connected to your Universal "ID", so nobody except authorized personal can enter in, and you can't get out unless an authorized personal says so. Good day." Bill walked away towards the next room, as Tommy was slamming his arms against the "wall", begging for freedom.

Luscious jumped out of the room as soon as  Bill reached the doorway. "Dayum, dat guy's gotta get a lil' restraint on him. Guy's has less manners den'a rock."

Suddenly, a red, clawed hand slammed against 57-A's "wall". "Come back here! Your little wall can only hold me so long! Do you not know who I am?"  the hand moved out of the way to make way for a full body.  It was a very freakish form, for sure not for the faint of heart, as it appeared that all of his skin was stripped away, leaving behind well-built muscles. In his other arm  not against the wall, he wielded a staff with a large Z on its top. A metallic ribcage adorned his chest, and over his head was a freakish mask and a dark-red visor with a giant Z for a crest. "I am Lord Zedd! Conqueror of millions upon millions of universes!" He proceeded to punch the "wall", causing a sort of distorted green mesh to flash for a few seconds. Luscious started to become nervous.

"That's the 8th time today." He rushed towards the window in between 57-A and the hallway then made a quick swipe across it. A holographic console appeared as a result of the action, and he began typing in rapid speeds on it.   Bill joined in shortly after to type in another next to him. Zedd kept rapidly punching his fist against the invisible wall, causing the green mesh to be more and more distorted with each hit, and sparks started to fly. "You betta' not break that dere wall ova dere, that was mighty expensive to fund..." Luscious stated proudly, with a tiny hint of his nervous attitude towards the situation.

Zedd kept wailing against the wall, laughing maniacally the entire time. Luscious worked harder, typing faster and faster, Zedd laughing harder at the same beat. "Enough of this; I'm done toying with you!" Zedd stopped punching the wall, along with his laughing, and stepped back, pointing his staff towards it. A red energy than started to charge up at the edge of the Z on the staff, causing the atmosphere to start to feel... Violent.

"That's as good as a pig eatin' mama's Sheppard pie sittin' out fer 3 years."

"Oh you don't say Luscious?"  Bill and Luscious typed faster and faster, causing blisters to start forming on their fingers.

"I will admit, your attempt to stop me is rather admirable.  But I will also admit that you are stupid to do so." he then unleashed a large red beam... But it froze before it could hit the wall. Not only did the beam freeze, but Zedd himself has also seemed to have stopped moving.  Luscious wiped his head clean of sweat.

"Dem quantum mechanics sure are nice, ain't they? Wit' stuff like that, yous can be frozen in place due to each of yer atoms being constantly taken in n' outta time. I think." Luscious then grabbed Zedd inside the room like he weighed nothing, and placed him inside the platform. "Bill, get the otha' guy outta 56-A, we needs to get dem ova, tournament's gonna start tomorrow."

Bill let out an exhausted sigh, tapped a few buttons in his tablet, and proceeded to room 56-A. He pulled out Tommy Oliver and led him out onto the platform. They were both silent as they boarded the platform, even when it started moving. The seemed to have moved for what feels like an eternity before they came to a stop in a dead end. By then, Tommy decided to speak up.

"What's happened to Zedd? And can you finally answer my questions?" Tommy said, annoyed. He finally decided to remove his helmet, seeing as how they already know his name. Pulling it off, long black hair came down, a single earring in an ear, and his face that of a young teenaged man.

"Shh..." Bill placed his pointer finger on his mouth, and then the room started to shift. "Let the sights enthrall you for a few seconds first." The surroundings started to gain a brighter color, a set of stairs started to form in front of them, and before they knew it- the dead end turned into the lobby of a mansion. 

Three sets of stairs made out of mahogany, each to the left, right, and front of them. The platform was hovering above a wide, crimson carpet of approximately  20 sq Ft, just barely touching the edge of the stairs. The floor above had columns also made out of mahogany lining up to form a balcony. A luxurious place to live

"This way, now." Tommy and Bill to the stairs on their right, while Luscious walked towards the stairs in front of them. He felt around it's side for a bit and then pushed into it, causing a panel to shift out of the way revealing an set of stairs that head downwards. He threw Zedd inside, and then followed through. 

"Tommy, are you hungry?" Bill asked when they stopped in front of a doorway.

Tommy looked sternly at Bill, annoyed "Can you answer my questions first?"  He crossed his arms as if to emphasize what he's saying. BIll let out an exasperated sigh.

"How about you find out during dinner?" Bill opened the door to reveal a large dining area, a huge table with all kinds of delectable foods laid about it.  But what was the most eye-catching about the dining area, were all the people sitting around it eating. 

The characters ranged from a young man with blue hair dressed in medieval wear slicing a steak nicely with a knife, to a well-built middle aged man in tight denim shorts gnawing out clean the insides of... An alligator.  From a blond-haired man in a trench coat and khakis to a man made out of ice.  From a duck, chimp, and a bird. A brain in a jar to a large bird made out of ice hanging on a perch. Quite varied.

Tommy decided to morph out of his ranger suit and join in on the meal. It surely shouldn't hurt him.


"Man, yer a bigger troublemaker than a porcupine on a trampoline in a room full'a balloons." Luscious taunted at Zedd as he walked him around a dark hallway, still frozen in place. He passed by many cells assemble in the same way as the rooms inside the Passerby Inn. 

Inside, the cells were holding the more dangerous competitors- a very well built man with skin as pale as ash with a large red scar running down; a being that seems to be just a large black and gold armor much larger than an average man; a large purple-skinned man that is much too big to be a human; a charcoal-black skinned woman with a trident and fish gills sticking out of her, wearing a crown and sunglasses; a man with pasty-white skin in a dracula-like black suit, with black ovals surrounding his red eyes; a large, burly man with bluish-grey skin and black-neck length hair in a shirtless biker outfit;  a tall armored-man; a man in a black outfit complete with a cape, and with a console on his chest connected to a helmet on his head; a man that shines completely blue, with an atom symbol on his head;  a middle-aged man in a black cloak; a thin, robotic being who seems to have been organic before; an android with pointed ears that is shirtless; a man in brown and green coat holding a staff glowing blue out the end of it; a younger man in strange attire waving around a chain; and a man in a crimson spandex outfit with black ovals surrounding the eye holes.

"Hey! You, baldie with a southern accent who the writer of this crappy fic can't tell if it's genuine or not, let me out of here!"  the man-


.... *ahem*, Deadpool yelled out, banging his arms against the wall. "I'm sorry for trying to chop your head off earlier! You gotta understand, I didn't know whether ot not you'd make me drop my golden doubloons or lead me to an infinite pile of boobs!"

"Ya sure do talk a lot, sir." Bill said, as he placed Zedd into an empty cell. He was about to leave, but then he noticed something. He left Zedd facing the entrance way. He went over to him, turned him 180 degrees, closed the cell, and then tapped a button hidden underneath his wristwatch. Zedd than started moving again, along with the blast.

Zedd hit the doorway do to the recoil caused by the blast hitting the wall.

...1 hour later, in the dining area...

Tommy just got done eating when the room darkened. He heard a whirring sound, and to his left a giant screen materialized out of thin air.  On it, a man wearing a mask decorated with horns appeared on the screen. 

"Greetings, warriors from all across the multiverse and beyond." He boomed with authority and grace, all but one in the room started to pay attention to him (and that was because he was still eating his crocodile). "You all have been chosen to fight in the Battle Nexus- a tournament which is held to decide the greatest warrior in the universe."

Everyone in the room looked left and right in awe at the sound of this (Except the man eating the crocodile- he didn't care).  "There is also another prize, which we decided to add in this tourney. We will give one wish. There will be certain restrictions to this, but that will be told once the winner has been announced."

"This is the decided opponents you will be facing." On the screen, a bracket of fights flashed. "You will be having an orientation within 13 hours, and then the 1st round will begin 10 hours after. You will all now be teleported to quarters in which you will be staying in during the tourney. Get some rest, for you will be fighting your opponent in very dangerous areas. I now wish you all a pleasant respite." At the end of the last syllable, everyone was teleported into living quarters.

...13 hours later...

The contestants are all lined up in the lobby, with the more dangerous ones in stasis. Bill and Luscious walked towards the front of the crowd. Both placed their arms behind their backs and introduced themselves.

"Welcome y'all to the Battle Nexus. I'm Luscious Havert, and this here's my boy Bill Untellier"

"Don't call me your boy."

"What? That was a complement. Yah don't like bein' my friend?"

"Let's stop this sillyness right now."

"Bill, yer harder than a rock plated with an alloy made outta Diamonds and steel."

"Luscious that isn't..."

"Ever herda exaggeration? *sigh* Let's get this over with. Now, all ya Bubbas are gonna have an oreintation about the tournament. I promise ya, we'll try ta make dis as short as a rat's tongue." Luscious squinted his fingers in emphasis.

"Anyway, when the rounds begin, you'll be instantly teleported to the stadium. There, you will be each assigned to a room with a portal. That portal will take you to your area in which some crazy background event will 'coincidentally' happen at the same time, and you will punch each other in the face at the same time, yell out your moves, perform outlandish attacks, and make cheesy dialouge. Any questions from the dull?"

"Leaning against the 4th wall... cheeky brit" muttered Deadpool in the background.

Luscious lifted an arm up into the air. "Das'it? Alright den, oreintation over. Get ready now, and good luck! Y'all need it." 

....10 hours later...

The contestants are all lined up inside the stadium. They're instantly teleported to their assigned rooms. They enter their portals. The fights will now begin in 3...2...1...


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