Hey guys, it's BLUH!

Sorry for a late arrival, but the roster is officially here! The Official tourney starts on January 1st, right after New Years! Along with the Roster, more announcements will be made here such as Rules.

Now without further ado...





Now, you may notice our friend Battle Titan here is all alone, so I'm re-opening entries! But before we get to that, let's go over the rules for Scenarios this season:

Rules for Scenarios

  • There will be two factors on which they will be scored upon: Research and Enjoyment. Each will take 10 points, for a total of 20 points.
  • There will be two methods of making scenarios, They are:
  1. Both entrants in a pair make a scenario, and the score used would be the average of the scenarios.
  1. The entrants will alternate in making a one scenario a round, in the pattern of X,Y,X,Y... and vice versa.

  • You have to show that you have done your work on researching your opponent and your character (Trust me, I'll know when you've done none/biased research), and have a basic understanding of both your partners and your opponent's characters.

  • The more I enjoy it, the more points you'll get in this category... for a max of 7 points.
  • The other 3 points will be given via a community poll asking how enjoyable this fight it would be to them, and the points will be awarded based on the percentage of "yes" votes.

  • I will note judge too hard on things such as spelling and grammar, as I'm aware of things like language barriers
  • If your entry has various equipment it can use during battle, please notify what equipment they are going to use at the beginning of your entry.
  • If your partner doesn't post by the end of the round and you chose the former option, they are kicked out of the tourney, leaving you scored without the averages and having you by yourself the rest of the tourney. If you get the "Champion" title, you will receive both $20 cards.
  • If you chose the latter option and your partner didn't post before the due date, you may post one yourself for a %10 deduction. If your partner does this twice, they are kicked out.

Now, on to the next thing:

Late-Comers for 19th-28th

Now, I'm opening entries back up from today to the 28th/10 days later for the first 25 people who come up and speak, as my original goal of entrants was 64 for the purpose of ease of the tourney. There will only be one disadvantage, though a rather hardy one: You will not know your partner until the day of the first Round!


Now anyway, onto the official list:


  1. Pengu61151 - Godzilla (Millenium)


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