Hey guys!

I have another tourney coming your way!



I'm opening up the entrants in this one from October 2nd to November 11, with the actual tourney starting late December. Why is this you may ask?

Because this one has a twist! This tourney is


This requires you to send an entry that's giant (specific heights/sizes are below)

Actually, that's only the first twist. The second twist is that all of the entrants will be paired for tag teams, which is why I'm opening entrants in October rather then having it in December like last time, so you can know who you're paired with later (that will be announced November 20).


You guys might not actually like this, but... not every entrant might not be able to get in. With a longer period of it being open means more people who may want to enter, and I just know that it may get to a number that is too high to manage. So, if the number of people entering goes above 64, the other entries will be randomized and chosen. However, as a way to help others out, the first 20 entrants will gain be guaranteed to place in (along with 6 handpicked early entries I chose months earlier. More details will be explained below.)

I also don't plan to do a novelization with this one like my last tourney until that one is finished. Which might be a while (I am WORKING on it though so it won't be a full Duke Nukem Forever)

So without further ado, here are the rules and other important details:

Here's how the tourney would go every round, minus the tag teams

  1. Entrant must not be of omnnipotent status
  2. Entrant must have been shown at some point in time to have combat potential of sorts
  3. Entrant must be in between 10 - 90 meters (33 - 295 ft.)
  4. Entrants must have some form of conscious controlling them, whether it be the entrant being self-aware, a pilot, a rider etc.
  5. Most Shape Shifters are not allowed, but Size-Shifters are accepted. (If you want to enter a shape-shifter, ask in the comments if it's okay)
  6. If entrants have any sort of enhancement that increases size, strength etc., it is not allowed to be used in your entry unless it will "even-out" the match-up, or if the opponent has a similar enhancement that they can use
  7. Specific types of entrants noted by the other rules must follow the rules there. If any rules in this section are contradicted by rules in the other sections, follow the rules in the more specific section
  8. If the entrant does not belong in any of the categories specifically mentioned, then you don't have anything else to follow, but, please ask if unsure.
  9. You must post a link of your entrant in the comments and state whatever specifics asked

  1. If the mech has been piloted by multiple people, then you must stick to the main pilot, or, if there is none, choose a canonical pilot.
  2. If the mech is piloted by a team, all members must be present in order for it to be entered into the Tourney
  3. If the mech is AI based, then it must be kept as an AI and not piloted, unless it's a sort of coordination between an AI and a pilot, to which the above rule applies.

  1. The person summoning the entrant must both be stated and canonically known to summon the entrant
  2. Any "time limits" or limiters of the sort are removed for this tourney

  1. The entrant must have been canonically able to get to the specified sizes stated in the first rules
  2. The entrant must be able to stay in a constant scale of anatomy when growing sizes (It must have the same proportions as a human)

And the most important rule of all...


There were so many people who didn't even seem to acknowledge that this contest exists, and if I'm busting my butt to do this while also juggling school and my personal life, and you enter, then I expect at least a message that you don't actually want to do this.

If you enter and you don't participate in the first round, I'm cutting you off. I'm not going to bother keeping you in if you're not going to bother to participate. You're partner will still have a chance to reap all of the rewards, however.

If you've been kicked off and have a legitimate reason for your abscence, you can write a plea on my wall to light you back in, and I may do so if I am legitimately convinced.

Now, on to the entrants:

These people have been hand-picked by me, whether it be because they did a splendid job during my last tourney and I want to give them another chance, someone who I feel should be given another try, or a close friend that was unable to participate with the last one.

Along with being guaranteed to get in the next tourney, they will also be able to choose who they want to be partnered with for the tourney after the roster has been chosen. They are, along with their entries:

  1. IronspeedKnight-Groot
  2. Pokeprof-Dragonzord
  3. DemonicMRX11 -Warlock (Technarch)
  4. Khyber The Huntsman - Way Big
  5. SeekerofD - Gurren Lagann
  6. Bobby2055 - Nicol Bolas

If any of them leave, the spot will go to the first entry in the "Guaranteed" list.