So Season 12 of PVP is out now to get Domino, which I have to say with her ability's will be a nice addition if I get Adamantium... which I haven't since the bug at Season 9 of PVP( which was good seeing how Angel will be anoying in pvp if put on the right place).

Current Teams:


Omega Sentinal & Havok with Supprising Enhanced Iso-8

Agent in Inf' armor with: Nurotrope, Slingcannon, Shepards Staff, and Blogna.

Atk Strat:Stun and exausted, the two important status debuffs that is not Disoriented. My strat is to apply Stun and or Exausted with Havok and Omega, and I will pull buff duty. The Slingcannon is there so I can still hit counterclasses with it and do tons of damage. That and I will make sure that the damage the enemy deals won't be a problem thanks to Shepards Staff.


Scarlet Witch & Omega Sentinal with Supprisng Enhanced Iso-8

Agent with Inf' armor with: Fist of Colossus, Binding Contract, Power of 4, and Bologna.

Def strat: Bleed, all-out attack, and can't hit us. With both Fist of Colossus and the Binding Contract, I can always hit the enemy and inflict bleed on them without having to worry about the counter balance to the contract(loophole!). Using the power of four I can finish off enemys with the Fist. And with Wanda's hexed status debuff and with mirror images created by Omega, my team will be hard to hit.

Current Rank: Gold

Nov 16:

So I get on to MAA after a fritz with my comp and if find that while I was away, I lost 111 points, droping me to silver, and I must say DAMN that is far to fall. I haven't analized the teams that attacked my defensive team but I have found my Offencive team to be very powerful thanks to Havok's exausted effect that can be aplied and the 10% chance of stun they can inflict.

Nov 29:

I have changed both pvp teams up as of today. For Offence I have changed out the staff for the Doombringer. For Defence I replaced Wanda with Rescue and swaped most of the equipment on the Agent, with now Soulfire blade, Vigilante toolkit, and the Lewis Machine gun.

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