• AzureDragonAgent


    So Season 12 of PVP is out now to get Domino, which I have to say with her ability's will be a nice addition if I get Adamantium... which I haven't since the bug at Season 9 of PVP( which was good seeing how Angel will be anoying in pvp if put on the right place).

    Current Teams:


    Omega Sentinal & Havok with Supprising Enhanced Iso-8

    Agent in Inf' armor with: Nurotrope, Slingcannon, Shepards Staff, and Blogna.

    Atk Strat:Stun and exausted, the two important status debuffs that is not Disoriented. My strat is to apply Stun and or Exausted with Havok and Omega, and I will pull buff duty. The Slingcannon is there so I can still hit counterclasses with it and do tons of damage. That and I will make sure that the damage the enemy deal…

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  • AzureDragonAgent

    I am split between Scarlet witch, Thor, Spidey, and Rogue. Which should I chose?

    Note: I will make my choise after this SpecOp's ends, whoever has the most votes I will choose.

    Comments are now closed, the winner is Spidey.

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  • AzureDragonAgent

    You will be confused by the title, because it is not with the game itself, rather the fact that I can't use any of the other options. The buttons for Purchase, Marvel XP, Messages, Gifts, etc, don't work... except for the play button. So... how am I supposed to recive my allies gifts? or Puchase gold? I need some help people!

    Edit: I have found out the answer, just delete your cashe and cookies and you will be able to fix the problem.

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