CP Farming For Beginners By Azulwulf123

Now farming cps for a beginner is hard so to make it simple all you need is chapter 2.3, a scrapper, black cat and 90 energy or chapter 4.4, storm, a scrapper and 70 energy.

Now these are the average percentages for a boss reward table-

25% for 1 CP

20% for 3 CP

5% for 5 CP

Epic Bosses have a different percentage table. Since they follow the same distribution, we can suggest:

25% for 3 CP

20% for 5 CP

5% for 10 CP

So as you see epic bosses are the best for cp farming.

Now chapter 2.3 is easy to reach and master due to the low level so it’s an ideal place to farm for absolute newcomers and for storm who is needed for 4.4. With some luck like I had you can hit 45 cps a day which means in a few days you can buy 200 cp heroes.Chapter 2.3 drops a grecian sai and 4.4 gives you the  Magnetic Field Generator and try to recruit spider man if you're having trouble with the other chapters it also gives you the weapon doombringer.

So have fun cp farming.

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